Issues controlling my slider

Hello. I’m 14, 5’3, 102.6 Lbs, and i have three pitches.


I can control them pretty good, except my slider. I practice from 60 ft everyday, and I can’t find a way to control this thing. I’d hit a cat 10 miles away before hitting my intended target. I didn’t pick up this pitch recently btw, i’ve had it for 2 years, and only recently i’ve been noticing problems. My fastball is like a bullet and accurate. Same with my changeup(I picked this up after my slider). I can’t see what i’m doing wrong. Any advice?

At 14 you should not be throwing a slider. It puts too much pressure on the ulner nerve and growth plates in the elbow area.
Drop the slider and add a 2 seam FB.
Remember, Location and movement will make you a good pitcher.

Nah im good. Besides, i got rid of my control issues and now my slider is my best pitch

I hope you can still pitch in high school when it matters. Keep throwing that slider at 14 and I doubt you will be.
Good luck.

Alr bet ill update you

I’ll set a reminder for january 2023 as that is when the season starts