Is trying to lose weight during the season a bad idea?

Hey, so I had a pretty bad offseason, and I’m fat now lol. Seriously though, I’m not like huge, or evenly noticeably really fat but that’s because I have a skinny build under my fat, but BF% wise, I’m fat.

So now the baseball season’s here, and I’d like to lose fat while still playing well, recovering between starts and getting all my work in. I’ll only be pitching in game once a week during the weekend, also probably playing the OF when I’m not pitching on the weekends. I hope to workout atleast twice a week in between starts if not 3 times. I’m 22 years old if that matters.

I don’t know if this is a good idea or not because of the whole food is energy thing; I need food to build strength, to recover and for energy, but at the same time, being fat sucks. So before I do it I just wanted to check and see what some of you guys thought about it, is it a really bad idea?

stop eating crap and run sprints or do short lifting sessions a couple days a week after your starts.

Losing weight during the season is fine. I actually think it’s closer to optimal - spend the offseason strength training and maintaining or gaining LBM, and cut weight slowly throughout the season as you improve GPP / work capacity metrics.

Thanks, but I know HOW to lose weight, I was just wondering if were a bad idea TO lose weight during the season. Thanks anyway though.

Good stuff, thanks a lot. I’m definitely going to go for it.