Is this worth the money?

My son recently attended an Under Armour tryout put on by the Baseball Factory. Shorty after, I was contacted by their player rep who told me he was invited to their Pirate City Select Training & Competition in Bradenton, FL. The cost is $2000.00 plus a flight to send him there.

He is a great kid who works hard and does have some talent. He is a 14 year old entering his freshman year in high school.

My questions to anyone who has any experience with this…

Is it really worth the money? I sent him to Wolverine camp at U of M this summer and he had a great time but it cost 1/3 of what this does.

Does it really gain him the exposure and experience that they claim it will?

Any input would be greatly appreciated…

if your son has talent and is a good talent and he wants it then go for it

I don’t think it’s worth it. $2000 is much better spent on private baseball lessons or cage time at a training facility, or even personal training at a gym.

I’m not saying it wouldn’t be fun, I just think at 14 years old, the above mentioned will better serve your kid for the amt of $$.

NO, it is not worth the money.

At 14 years of age, there are so many things that can enter into a young man’s life, so many variables, so my “if’s”, that by the time he’s 16 or 17, he’s changed both in the physical and the mental state, that he’s a completely different person, not to mention a different view on the world and what may interest him.

$2,000 bucks is serious bread-n-butter money. It takes away from other priorities in the family, it raises the expectations of those around you to a level that your son can’t possibly meet on a daily basis, and on it goes.

What Steven suggested is solid advice. Private lessons - but those don’t have to cost you a dime, if you ask around and find a coach who’s retired and willing to stay active and pass on what he/she knows as a volunteer.
That’s what I do.

Best wishes with your baseball experience.

Coach B.

My son was involved in a Baseball Factory event in Florida. In fact, I was in JDfromfla’s backyard at the time and didn’t know it. I am trying to be very objective in my evaluation so you can make a good decision. We flew together to the event ($$), rented a car ($$) and I stayed in a different hotel ($$) than he did. The entire team was put up in a very nice hotel, the coaches were very professional, food provided was very adequate, instruction was as expected and the entire event was run top of the line in my opinion. Dinoson made several friends with the other players and contacts throughout the baseball community and he enjoyed the trip as well as did dad.

We had a great time, still talk about me losing my cell phone at the Wendy’s (a phone that had really important contacts that I couldn’t replace). The forty dollars I gave to the honest employee that found it and put it in the restaraunt safe and the armadillo I ran over speeding back to find it. He also received quite a bit of underarmour clothing and baseball equipment that he really wore out.

But, the cost must come from “discretionary” money you might or might not have available. I would not sacrifice any family needs or even preplanned vacations with other family members for an “opportunity” such as this. At the time I was working alot of overtime hours and getting paid quite well for my service. I had the discretionary money sitting there waiting for the right time to spend it. The timing was right. I would think these days fewer and fewer families can afford this kind of spending with the uncertain economy. Only you know if your finances allow it. If you are looking for a bonding experience it might be ok. If you want instructional bang for your buck, I’d go with Steven’s recommendation.

I woulda bought him the best Mahi sandwich if he woulda just let me know… :wink:

My experience was post 17 yrs old and they were very positive, 14 is still getting there time, he hasn’t arrived just yet. Experience and knowledge is what to focus on…no real prospects for meaningful contacts at this point (14 yr)…unless hes mid 80’s or better right now (Solid and consistant) with command of 3 or better, plus pitches he won’t be memorable. As a cool hangin in Fla vaca? You bet Bradenton is cool…

No way. Period.