Is this the weirdest pitching delivery in MLB?


John Gant. Rookie for the Braves. How is that even legal?!

Did Anyone See This Braves Pitcher

it looks like the first leg kick he is stepped off the rubble? Then he steps to the rubber and starts his delivery. On the first leg raise he would not be allow to go home because he is off the rubber.


This one is weird and border line also.


Capps is the one that is pretty clearly illegal in my opinion.
Thats a BS delivery.


Pat Neshek has a weird delivery as it’s a little different than a regular submarine he goes underhand the entire time right until the release which is side arm.

In terms of violent delivery Tim lincecum is the poster boy.

Also former Tigers closer little grande: He has a weird delivery.


Grant is illegal but legal. The rule book states that pitchers may take one step back with their free foot and one step forward with their pivot foot for delivery. This has morphed into a step to the side and a step forward. Now, since there is no adherence to the rule, they are allowing a step that actually gains ground to the plate with their free foot before the step forward with the pivot foot.

I bet we are not far from seeing a person take a full stride forward with their free foot followed by another full stride forward with their pivot foot. MLB needs to get a handle on this before it happens.


this is a weird delivery


it looks like john gant does a double wind up