Is this smart

14 yr old, 5 foot 7 - 103 lbs. Pitched for the middle school. Now in high school, his coach thinks he should join the wrestling team for there strength and conditioning program. Ironically his outside pitching coach thinks he needs to start lifting for strength. Any thoughts

Start a solid lifting program. Make sure to include a lot of core work and cardio.

 Just my opinion but I would think wrestling might be awfully hard on his shoulder and knees.

Not smart at all. The kid should go with what his outside pitching coach suggests. 8)

Wrestling is probably one of the worst activities for the growth and development of a youth…

not agreeing or disagreeing with you but why is that? back that up

I don’t really want to get involved with this discussion, especially with wrestlers!!! Here is a URL for your review on it…

Personally I hate the idea of pitchers wrestling. Seems like an injury waiting to happen.

That said, I have a friend who pitched a couple of years of middle relief for the SF Giants back in the 80s. One time in winter ball, the manager told him to hit the batter so he drilled him with a 95 MPH fastball in the ribs. The batter charged the mound. He says the thing going thru his mind as the batter charge was “thank God I am the former heavy weight wrestling champion of Oklahoma.” As the batter arrived, he dropped his shoulder and threw the batter with a wrestling move causing the batter wind up with a broken collar bone.