Is this Pitching Mechanics good?

Hi, All , this is my own pitching mechanics, im woundering what are the mistakes or problems that i have in this vidoe,

can anyone please see , are there any problems in this pitching mechanics?

im sorry that the quality of this video is not so clear

i have also make some comments for my own video , correct me if im wrong

the link is below,

cheers ~~~

Well, I like the delivery but I have a thing or two I’d offer for you to consider.
You seem very deliberate but don’t seem to be putting a whole lot of effort into the pitch. I’d suggest that you look into Paul Nymans concept of “intent”. Get into peak body and arm condition before you start attempting to add that dimension though.
Also instead of pulling the glove to your chest, bring the chest to the glove, you seem to lose a bunch on the front side because of this.
Fundementally though the delivery looks solid. The comments are difficult to pick up as you look through the vid…Where did you develop the ideas you are repeating?
I would also suggest that instead of focusing on what “not” to do (If you already aren’t doing the v or what ever posture you don’t like…don’t worry about it), worry about making the mechanic you have efficient.

hi, jdfromfla, thanks for the comment ,

regarding to who is Paul Nymans , i have google it and found these 2 links, and i have finish reading it and undstood something about Paul.

the links are below.

The interview from hardballtmies

the pitching mechanics analysis writer and also the guy who have analysis in another forum call “baseball fever”

for the Chrisoleary’s website, please move to below to this heading
"Cause, Effect, and Pitching Velocity", he mention something about Billy Wanger’s problem and Paul Nymans

but i can not find what you say about < the concept of ‘intent’’ >

Here is my some questions, can you please give me some picture ? or video, or GIF image (GIF is what you see above with all that pictures combined together like a video)

to demonstrate what you mean by "bring the chest to the glove"
and “lose a bunch on the front side”

sorry that i do not really understand these 2 terms.
if you can show me some examples , that will be great and apprectiated ^^

regarding to your 2nd question, where do these terms base on and where are all these ideas come from?

i have read so much about ChrisOleary’s website about pitching mechanics
(the one above) and also some of the pitching mechanics for what to do and what not to do in this website

(Let’s Talk Pitching, one of the page is that shows that what is correct and what is not correct with some pictures like a straight body with good balance, or randy johnson’s )

after that i have try some of the bad examples myself, and i understand what is Inverted L problem, rushing problem, timing problem, reverse rotation problem, stride, followthrough phase, stand still with fielding position, lead with elbow, hips and shoulder’s separation, ball to 3rd base not 2nd base, more than 100% of stride like maddux or roger clemens, Mariano Rivera etc

so i make some of the comments myself. and i have send my video to Chrisoleary to see what he thinks about this, i know that the quality of this is not so good and it is only side video, which means can not really see the perfect timing from behind. but at least , there are some comments or pitching mechanics problem that can be discover or something need to improve on or learn.

so after compared and learnt so much about these great guys pitching mechanics (not about stuff ) , they all have long pitching careers, such as Greg Maddux, Mike Mussina, Roger Clemens, Mariano Rivera, Nolan Ryan,Mark Buehrle,Roy Oswalt, etc

and i have found some of the same relationships relating to these pitchers such as they dun have inverted L problem, they have good stride sideways, they have more than 100% of stride distance, they all have pendulum arm swing, and good followthrough phase etc

Unlike Mark Prior or Jack Peavy who has great stuff but some kind of pitching mechanics problem in their Career,

Last but not least, so that you think i can throw harder and faster?? because this vid shows you that i throw not hard enough ? or any other reasons??

anyway thank you very much for the comments, i will definitely consider after your explaination , looking forward to see more of your comments , and thank you very much ^^


I could tell you had been heavily “into” Chris’ site. He is an observer, not a coach. It is not bad, not good, just, that is what he is. He has been attempting to coach his children for a couple of years but as far as actually training high tier athletes to deliver a baseball, no not so much. His pictures and thoughts are interesting and have some merit. The problem I see in youth such as yourself becoming enamoured with the pictures and his speculation is that you are losing valuable training time. He has pursuasive arguements for his thoughts and that is well debated another place.
As to my comments on your mechanics, first the intent comment. Search this site for comments from Dusty Delso and Lanky Lefty, you will hear them mention throwing the devil (Sometimes they’ll use another word :lol: ) out of the ball, this is what I mean. You have to want your body to gain enough momentum to allow you into what I consider the finer aspects of a quality pitchers delivery. Which leads into the comment about your front side arm. Now there are many different thoughts on this site regarding this but what I like to see is the equal and balanced presentation usually ascribed to House followers (I came to the same conclusion and my learning path was from certain college coaches and an ex-major league catcher and triple A pitcher), you see Mo’s glove go quickly to his chest…but consider just how far his torso flexes/moves to reach it and how quickly, imo he’s moving to it, look at how long Maddux holds it out front (I’m referencing that pitching manuals worth of photo’s and videos you posted on Willvill’s thread).
One thing about advice Hydejing, you can attempt to do it all and very likely get none completed.
My advice would be to find and stick to a quality conditioning routine, in that routine I would suggest throwing in a very methodical manner (Day 1 long toss and flat work, day 2 pen etc.) with a goal of increasing your velocity to a competitive level. While working on this, I’d take the pretty decent mechanics you’ve started with and try to make them more efficient. One of the best ways to do this is through getting a local pitching coach who can moniter progress and adjust as necessary. It is both good and bad that you have the video skills you have been exhibiting, to me it looks as if you are slowing down your body to get to these imagined O’Leary check-points. The delivery of a pitch is a controlled ballistic thing, in other words like a catapult if the machinery isn’t aligned and timed properly with the correct application of force, it is not efficient, taking the time in your mind to “step-by-step” go through the delivery is also not efficient, ironically I’ve seen this on another poster who really likes Chris’ stuff.
My best wishes to you.

i found this one , i think this is what you mean by ''body to gain enough momentum ‘’

i will try this one next time for my training^^

now i think i saw the difference that MO actually bend down and use the body to reach the glove not like the one i show above , the body is too straight and not bend down which shows that i do not use lots of waist/body force, i see now :D, i will try next time as well.

but is it what you mean by ''Maddux holds it out front ‘’

that my torso is just too flat which result not using the waist ? like what jsutin verlander did??

is this what you mean ? :stuck_out_tongue:


You don’t have any separation between your shoulders and hips. You are rotating them together.

Search for images of Tim Lincecum. You will find some where his hips are square to home plate, while his chest is facing third base. In other words, he has 90 degrees of separation between his hips and shoulders.

Think of rotating your hips faster during your pitch, while letting your arm and shoulders hang back. It helps to think that you are pitching with your hips instead of your arm.

You also look a little stiff in your trunk. Some stretching may help you get better separation.