Is this normal?

I am 21 years old, i used to be a decent pitcher in HS. I havent thrown a baseball in about 2.5 - 3 years. The last time i threw was at college and i was in the mid 80s with my fastball.

I have decided to give baseball one last shot before i quit lyaing for good because i miss the game too much. I am planning on trying out for some minor league teams next year, because i got too late of a jump this year.

Today is the 4th time i have thrown since years ago… I thought i was throwing pretty hard until i got the radar gun out. I was throwing 68-75 mph and only hit 76 once.

I was throwing flat ground in a tennis court, i know that will have some effect, but im sure it wouldnt be 10 mph difference.

I have never felt so disappointed in my life. Is this normal because I havent thrown forever… if so, do you think i will be able to get my speed back within a year?

Thanks for the comments

please respond :smiley:

I would say it is normal. But muscle has memory. If you continue throwing, you will gain your old velocity back rapidly.

youll have to work at it though

your mechs can be very good but if your not in good shape you wont reach ur full potential

good luck though

just keep working

Just become the knuckleballer we all know is inside you. lol

After not throwing a baseball in three years, your mechanics and timing are no doubt out of whack. That will certainly reduce your velocity. But mechanics and timing should be correctable so I would expect you to be able to regain at least some of your velocity.