Is This Normal?

It seems like that later on in the season, my arm needs more days to recover to full health after pitching a long outing. While in the beginning of the season it seems like I could throw a 100 pitches one day and come back 2-3 days later with my arm being 100%. Now if I pitch I need a good 6-7 days before I can even think about pitching. So my question is, does this happen to anybody else or is there something wrong with my arm?

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What you are describing is not uncommon but a lot depends on what your preseason and inseson arm care routines are.

Did you have a preseason rotator cuff strenghtening program?
What was your preseason throwing program like?
What about your core and overall body workouts?
Stretching and runnung programs?
Same questions for inseason

Everyone’s arm is a little different so I think it is critical to use a program like Steve’s TUFF CUFF and modify it as necessary to fit your individual arm.

I can throw 90 -100 pitches on Sunday in my local league.
I bike,run, stretch and lift on Monday. I bike, sprint and long toss on Tuesday. Run Stretch, throw a bullpen on Wednesday. Bike and lift on Thursday. Bike Sprint and long toss on Friday. Saturday off. Pitch Sunday.

My arm fells strong by Wednesday. I will turn 51 later this month.

Yes! This is normal. But this is also where a good conditioning program done in the off-season comes into play. This is why every pitcher really needs to take off-season training seriously. Gain velocity? Sure. That’s a good focus. But stamina is equally important.

If you need to rest, rest. There’s nothing wrong with that. Sometimes, when we start feeling tired this time of year, we want to push harder. Most of the time, cutting back is better … and will allow you to recover quicker. Try to find that balance.

well i dont know about you but i can throw 150 pitches and come back the next day and throw 150 more but maybe thats just me.