Is this normal?

I was just wondering if all pitchers get like random achs and pains in their arms in random parts of the day just by doing things like opening doors, laying down and stuff like that. Not anything major painful just random things like as much pain as being pinched.

Oh, that stupid computer of mine! It keeps jumping around like a jackrabbit on steroids. So let me start over.
There was an old-time infielder named Luke Appling who was known throughout the American League as “Old Aches and Pains”. He was always complaining about how his arm hurt, his ankle hurt, his shoulder hurt, this hurt and that hurt. When he would show up for a game he was asked how he felt, and if he responded with his litany of complaints you could count on him to be a beast at bat, tearing the cover off the ball with all kinds of extra-base hits. But if he replied that he was feeling fine—he couldn’t hit the ball out of the infield if he stood on his head. For him, all this was normal. However, I don’t think it’s normal for you to be plagued by these random discomforts. You should see a doctor and have him check you over, because this could mean a problem that needs to be addressed. I’m not talking about arm fatigue or a little soreness after a game. 8)