Is this legal?

When a pitcher is pitching out of his windup, is he allowed to leap horizontally towards the plate while pitching? Or does he need to have one foot touching the rubber?
I’ve been looking at the official rules but can’t find anything that says you can’t leap towards home plate.
Thanks to anyone who can answer! :slight_smile:

I think that it is legal, the you must start with your foot in contact with the rubber, the rules are not specific as to when you leave the contact during the action of throwing the ball. My pitching coach wants me to be at least 100% or more of my height down the mound in order for me to be closer to the plate, shorter throw.

Yeah thats what I was thinking too. The official rules do say you need one foot touching the rubber when you start the windup but it never says you have to keep one foot touching it at all times and I doubt there is a rule to this anyways, since MLB pitchers have their foot lose contact with the rubber during their motion anyways.

Is this something that you are trying like “momentum pitching”?

My friend pitches like that. Although he doesn’t pitch for any actual team, he says he doesn’t lose any velocity and brings himself a little bit closer to the plate so I don’t see a problem with it if he’s telling the truth.

all you must do is start out with your foot on hte rubber not throughout the whole thing