Is this legal: Carter Capps hop step pitching motion

I think the rules state you must be in contact with the rubber to start your delivery and then you get one step back and one step forward. Most, if not all, pitchers drag/pull their back foot away from the rubber before releasing the ball. So does lunging count as one step forward? I’ll guess yes.

Hopefully CoachPaul will jump in here.

MLB says it is legal. The Marlins asked and they said he needed to drag his back foot but otherwise OK.His extension is insane!

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Landing ont the post foot is what should make it illegal

I think women’s softball has a rule that pitchers cannot have both feet off the ground at the same time but I call BS on the dragging the back foot thing. Guys like Curt Schilling would have been illegal.

There is nothing in Rule 8 that makes this illegal. I have never seen this before. Amazing.
The rule about one step back and one step forward is focused on the free foot. His free foot only strikes the ground one time (one step forward) and he keeps the ball low to delay his arm long enough for his lower half to do its thing.

About the post foot, by rule, it only has to start in contact with the rubber. He just puts his back down early. Some people drag, some keep it off the ground, and apparently this guy puts it back down. He’s clearly not attempting a pick off and it’s also clear he intends to deliver to the plate. As long as he does it every time, it should be legal. If he only did it on certain pitches, we might be able to have a discussion about a balk, but I probably wouldn’t call one. It’s really no more deception, albeit, a lot less common than a pitcher changing arm slots for various pitches or switching to throw left or right handed. It’s strange, but I’d say it’s legal.