Is this good

So I tried out to be a pitcher and I threw about 10 pitches 4 balls that I was rushing and about 6 strikes and he taught me a new way to throw a 12-6 curve ball and It was hard to control at first and he said “We’ll get this curve ball down before the end of this season” Would This mean I will be pitching?

It could mean a couple of different things.

The best thing to do is simply ask your Coach communication is the best way to find anything out. Just sit down and talk to your Coach about your goals and where he see’s you and what he feels would be best for your current situation.

Thankyou I asked him he said i was closing my mouth was droped i was so excited xD


Way to go

Thanks buwhite i showed him the knuckle you taught me a few months ago and he was amazed thanks for the support from all

Glad it’s working out…I know my kid is very successful with with that pitch both as a slow curve and a tight breaking splitter type curve.