Is this good?

hey guys,
im 14 and am 5’5 115, I am playing middle school ball right now and Babe ruth this summer, we are playing on a major league field, and i pplay in Vermont.
I have an array of pitches, 4 seam fastball, 2 seam fastball, curveball and changeup. I am… 4-1 this year i think. i had 14 K’s in my first game of the year. and had a 2 hitter against, supposdly the best team in northern Vermont, colchester. I throw probally in the 60’s and can usually throw my curveball for strikes, and it has a sharp surve, not much of a 12-6. But latly i havent been able to throw my curve as well. is it because my arm is getting tired and needs a break? and how would this compare against kids in other areas

If you’ve been throwing your curve a lot, it could be that your arm is getting tired and you could use a break. You could use your changeup more, which should be easier on you.
Many pitchers who rely mainly on one pitch have experienced the same problem. This is particularly true of breaking pitches such as the curve ball, which actually does put quite a lot of stress on the arm and shoulder, and it sounds to me as if this is what’s been happening with you. So I’d advise you to take it easy, take a few days off and then start using more of the changeup and less of the curve ball. You’ll probably wind up getting a lot of batters out that way. 8)

and as in Vermotn you dont get much exposure. are there any travel teams or teams better than babe ruth in the area? and i dont throw the curveball a lot,i think it may just be from pitching a lot, i usually go 85 each game( the maximum) and usually 4 days rest. but i pitch next on tuesday, and didnt pitch since last tuesday so i should be really rested.

At 14 you don’t have to look for exposure yet.

I grew up playing baseball in Maine. Less exposure than Vermont by a long shot.

I played on a fall team but as far as being recruited by colleges I let my stats get me recruited and I ended up at a DI in Maryland.