Is this curveball a "hanger"?

I’m going to join a baseball club.
I’ve never faced good batters, so i’m wondering if my curveball is any good?

Thanks :slight_smile:

right now, you probably arent ready for pitching, get a catcher and start pitching not throwing. right now you are basically aiming at something near the strike zone and for your curveball, a hanger is something you throw about belt high with little break on it. if you bounce it it is not a curveball, but you wont know if its any good until you actually start pitching to batters. what you need to do is start locating your pitches or actually try locating them. not just throw to a random fence. if you could get on a mound and get A LEAST something to aim for now you’ll get real practice.

there is no way for us to tell what action your curveball has, the above comment is good, start working out with a catcher and get in with some real live batters.

What I used to do, when I was a little snip and then well into my playing days, was get a catcher and work on location—getting the ball to go where I wanted it to. I did this with all my pitches, at different speeds, and we would often get someone to stand in the batter’s box, on either side, so I could really zero in on the strike zone. When you do this you will get a good idea of just what’s up with your curve ball—and your other stuff as well. 8)

The above posts kinda covered it…you need to get a catcher and work on controlled movements and mechanics. Pitching is a contradicatory conglomerate of finesse and violence. Work on getting a catcher and spotting your fastball and once you’ve mastered pitching a fastball, move on to the curveball.