Is this a problem tho?

Hey guys, would u mind look @ this photo's-0630.htm

Notice my foot: pointing olmost 1b.
THO if u pull a line from where i started
thro the feet, it ends up @ the catcher.
I DONT open up to early cuz i talked about it wit hmy coach and he took a look @ it.
My left foot is always a bit pointing to the outside, cuz had a lot of ankle injuries( the band in the ankle, dunt know the right word:P had a lot of problems with that)

anyways, do i loose velocity wit hthis? much or not?

we have summer stop atm so I wont be throwing much, training alot on power cuz im not strong enough in my arms rofl:P

My jaw seems to be a bit better now btw:)


EDIT: the 3th picture @ the site lol sorry ^^

im curious as to how u even GET ur foot like that

U get in that position because you don’t stride long side way’s and you don’t plant and stabilize the foot right so it does that when you rotate.

its less worse from a mount, the gravel here was soft so my foot moves alot then, its straighter on a mound with good gravel.

but my question was is this a problem, and do i loose velocity with this?

It’s ok for your foot to end up open. Helps relieve stress on the knee of your landing leg. What is important is that it is closed at release. Get a picture at release.

eehz, what u mean closed @ release point. thats impossible O.o u open up, but ur arms stay closed, not ur leg(foot)

What u talkin abt?
xplain plz:P

hes saying at ur release point ur foot should be pointing at ur target [closed] and not at a 90 degree angle :shock:

get a pic of when u release the ball