Is this a healthy diet

I really want to gain 20lbs as you guys might heard of. Anyways this is my current diet to get to that 20lbs mark.

7:00- 2 pieces of toast and 500ml of milk(total: 30g of protein)
10:30- shake(500mlb of milk with assorted fruits and vegetables)-about 20grams of protein
1:00- lunch-tuna sandwhich(total of 50grams of protein)
3:30- shake- 1L of milk(36grams of milk)
6:30- supper(usually consists of roast beef, chicken, or other meat)30g
10:00- snack- high fibre cereal or maybe a sandwhich)should get 20g

Also i might add in the morning oatmeal and a bagel sometimes so it doesn’t get old. This comes to about 189g of protein. I am currently 165lbs. Is this too much protein and also how do you guys think of my diet. I am usually on a diet but not one that requires me to eat every 2-3 hours. Its going to be fun.

Are you sure you’re getting enough calories? You’ve calculated protein and by formula that looks pretty good.

Gaining weight is a fairly straight forward process of taking in more calories than you burn. To gain a pound you need to take in approximately 3000 calories more than you burn. If you’re active, playing sports and working out every day then exceeding you caloric need can be difficult.

Done improperly though efforts to gain weight could result in simply adding fat to your frame since calories that exceed energy needs are typically stored as fat.

IMO it’s much better to focus on gaining strength rather than weight. In doing so you still need to make sure you keep your protein intake up but at the same time watch calories to be sure you’re not actually operating at a deficit- at which time you will actually lose weight.

There’s good and bad news here though. Somewhere in your late 20’s or early 30’s gaining weight somehow becomes much easier :smiley: :shock:

I try to limit my shakes to 1 a day after workouts, whole foods are always so much better then protein shakes for weight gain and overall health casein protein is best before bed cottage cheese or if your not a fan of cottage cheese like me you can substitute with a protein shake of casein protein. The toast in the morning should be whole grain or wheat white bread isnt that good for you Ezkeil Bread or however you spell it is great for you. A simple high protein good carb meal is Chicken, Brown Rice, Brocoli covers so many aspects which is why this is the basic bodybuilding meal. In the morning i usually have the Ezkeil Bread with some egg whites. I snack on some almonds and mixed nuts throughout day.

The best thing you can do is drink 1-2 gallons of water a day it cleanes your body and anything else is just added calories and sugars milk is good source of protein but is also high in sugars if your bulking its fine to drink a good amount a day but if your trying to stay cut and fit id limit it. a general rule is 40/40/20 ratio of carbs/protein/fat good fat that is a great great great thing to buy is fish oil and consume 5-10 grams a day its essential in the body and your body doesnt produce it yourself so supplementing with it is essential promotes cardiovasuclar health joint health and works as anti inflamatory.

Overall the diet will work for a ballplayer but follow some of what ive listed above to reach optimal nutrional standards

omg i can’t get enough of this forum. Serious i honestly take all the tips you guys give me and i do add it to my every day life. When this year first started i was hitting maybe 77mph. I am consistently hitting 83-85mph and i topped out at 87mph. Its always the easiest things that you take for granted and never take into consideration.

Like a simple diet. For the longest time i have tried to gain weight. I would do this by eating huge 3 a day meals. And never reached success. I learned this year that you need at least 6 small meals. SO ya i really do appreciate all the advice guys. Thank you so much.

Also what calorie intake do you think i should have like 4000 calories a day or something. Also ya i absoluetely hate white bread. And for 2 slices it only has 5grams of protein. I will definitely go buy some whole grain. Thanks again.

also my parents said that i should be drinking 2 percent milk fat because i am still growing. LOL i am 17 years old. But ya i was thinking should i buy 0 percent milk or skim milk. Either way if i am consuming about 2L of milk i don’t want to be having any fat from it. Just strictly protein.

In reality milk isnt terrible for you it wont add significantly to fat gain if you keep up cardio and lifting and if you drink milk and water and thats it your fine milks the least of my worries in a diet i usually drink a good amount a day its just something if you feel your gaining some fat or too much you can always try cutting out a bit of it but its also good for strong bones as your parents say.

As far as calories go you gotta find the sweet spot find your maintence calories google it basically just height weight and age take those cals and add about 500 of the bat and if you find your not gaining weight up it in small increments 100-200 each week but not too much to where you start gaining fat. And as you gain weight your maintence calories will be higher basically you’ll need more food to maintain that weight so therefore to add more weight you have to add even more calories. As a teen you already have a very high metabolism (probally i dont) so sometimes it takes EVEN MORE cals but not always. Adding weight is hard its something a lot of people just cant do they eat and eat and eat and just cant gain weight i have a couple freinds like that but you gotta make the right choices with food and workout hard.

Lean bulking is hard to say the least your trying to add weight but not an excess of fat you could always eat everything and anything in sight workout super hard gain weight but a good amount being fat but also a good deal of muscle then go on a cut and shred yourself up.

Now another tidbit contrary to popular belief that more protein equals more muscle the body can only digest about 40 grams of protein at a time Whey is best postworkout because it is a fast absorbing casein is a slow absorbing so good before bed cause it keeps your body full of protein during sleep.

If you have any questions just ask i know a good deal about diets

whats is this casen stuff that you say.

Is milk good for a post workout meal. Because usually i have 36grams of it, i drink it after the workout because it is dissolvable protein. I know your not suppose to eat anything usually like whole foods because the digestion is usually slower. But ya you have a half an hour opening after you workout to get the proteins you need. But ya is milk(36grams) good for you after a workout. And thats all i have after i workout as well.

Another question i have is how much carbs do you need after a workout and in total during the day.

Lol also is it okay to take fish oil pills. The bottle says 3 pills a day but i only take 1 a day. I stopped taking them because my parents thought they don’t do anything from you. They were also complaining about me having a lot of extra energy from it(lol its summer time i got nothing to do but baseball and working out and hanging with friends) but ya are fish oil pills good for you as well.

Also lol i right alot of questions during each post because i go offline sometimes for like a few days and sometimes can’t get on the computer. i have sibblings and stuff. But ya thats why i write so many questions. Thanks for your advice to by the way.

Fish oil is tremendous for you it really shouldnt give you energy so thats coming from something else theres endless lists of what Fish Oil can do you for you mine is 2 grams per serving i usually take about 5-10 grams a day and it works as an anti-inflamatory which can help your arm heal better after each start Supports a healthy heart which im sure everyone wants it helps keep your joints feeling good its really endless and since your body cant produce it naturally you need it.

Casein is just another form of protein its found in milk therefore milk is slow absorbing 80% of the protein in milk is Casein the other 20% is whey So therefore milk is a good option when you need slow absorbing protein i neglected to mention this earlier. Whey is better postworkout you can pick up tubs of whey cheap online.

As far as carbs i will list exactly what my college coach has given to me in a summer program i’ll list all the nutritional goals he put

Nutrition goals
• Plan eating in conjunction with workouts in an effort to insure adequate fuel to optimize performance and delay fatigue.
• Eat every three hours to ensure the body a consistent fuel source that provides the energy substrate (a substance on which an enzyme acts) for sport.
• Consume an adequate caloric level to meet your needs. Inadequate calories will hasten fatigue, contribute to poor performance and increase muscle breakdown. See “Custom Nutrition Goals”.
• Provide the body with the right mix of nutrients, emphasizing carbohydrates. Visualize a peace sign. The triangle at the bottom of the peace sign should be protein, such as chicken, red meat, pork, fish or eggs. The remaining sections should include starch (pasta, rice, bread or cereal), and fruit or vegetables.
• Drink adequate fluid for high-intensity activity, to optimize performance and to prevent injuries. See “Hydration Guidelines”.

Custom nutrition goals
• Calories: Minimum weight (pounds) x 23 (For example: a 150-pound athlete would require at least 3,650 calories per day)
• Carbohydrate: Weight x 3 to 5 = grams carbohydrate per day
• Protein: Weight x 0.7 = grams protein per day
• Fat: Weight x 0.45 = grams fat per day
• Fluid: Minimum weight x 0.67= ounces fluid per day

Hydration guidelines
• Water: Drink 16 ounces of water before bed, after first morning void and two hours before a practice or game.
• Fluids: The best choices are water, sports drinks, and juices or fruit drinks diluted in a one-to-one ratio. Caffeinated, carbonated or alcoholic beverages are poor choices.Drink:
• Eight to 10 ounces, 10 minutes before a game. Try this in practice first!
• Six to 8 ounces at all breaks during practices or games.
• Twenty-four ounces after practices and games for every pound lost!

Competition eating
Coordinate eating before, during and after practices and games. Pre-activity meals should primarily include carbohydrates, such as pasta, stir-fry, waffles or pancakes, or a fruit smoothie made with milk, yogurt, pudding mix and juice. Consume a sports drink or diluted fruit drink immediately before taking the ice. This plan will provide additional fuel for the body during exercise.
During exercise, consume carbohydrates at every opportunity. Sports drinks, diluted fruit drinks, a handful of sweetened cereal, gummy type candy or sports gel with 8 ounces of water will provide additional fuel to working muscles.
Carbohydrates should be consumed a soon as possible after practices and games – ideally within the first 30 to 45 minutes after exercise. Some of the best choices are:
• 16 ounces of fruit drink
• 8 ounces of concentrated carbohydrate beverage
• Three granola or cereal bars
• ½ to 1 cup of sweetened cereal
• ½ cup of gummy type candy
The bottom line
• Eat every three hours
• Drink a beverage with every meal and between meals
• Eat and drink during breaks and practices
• Emphasize carbohydrates
• Eat soon after leaving the ice

Hope this helps you out any more questions just ask some of what he says contradicts with what i already know and what ive read in reasearch and posted here but its all dependent on the person and everyones body reacts differently in the end you have to find what works for you.

hey hows it going. Ya my doctor or physician whatever you may call him. he told me i should be having at least a gram of protein for each kg of my body mass.

I am 165lbs. So that means i should have about 165grams of protein. Is this true. Because on your post you said you times your body weight times 23. That would only get me to about 110 or something like that.
Do you think 165grams of protein is excessive for me.

It varies for your goals bodybuilders will use 1.5grams per 1lb but there also lifting extremely hard and trying to get just huge. For pitchers who dont really want to be huge musclular wise id still reccomend the 1gram per 1lb and you can up it or lower it to whatever you feel gives you best results but the 0.7-1.0 area is where pitchers should stay you dont want to have huge muscles as a pitcher.

hey dude i have a question. I am not being rude at all but like why do people say pitchers aren’t big guys. if you look at most of them they are all over 200lbs. I know what your saying about the upper body though. But what about guys like joba chamberlin, bobby jenks, damn even ricky romero is pretty big with his upper body.

All your power comes from your legs and abs. So ya why does it matter about your upper body if you have a little mass to it. Just wondering.

I agree most are big guys im no expert on this stuff this is just what ive heard but ive seen first hand my high school catcher from last year got a lot bigger in the bi’s chest area and it affected his throwing greatly you want to have very strong legs core and back as those are the key aspects but a big chest big bis will not help only hurt atleast in my experience. Im not saying theres a perfect way to go about building your body your right there is a lot of big guys but there all kinda fat you dont see someone like Ronnie Coleman pitching though is more my point im not saying you dont want to build muscle and be strong you just dont want to be huge.

ya dude. i agree with what your saying. But ya even if you attack your bi’s and chest i don’t think that even if you tried you are going to look like a bodybuilder. But ya i have another question:

What should i do to have a strong upper body but not get to bulk up. Can you tell me some exercises to do.

Right now i have this planned:

Bench press(i know your not suppose to, but i like to have a strong chest)
bicep curls
skull crushers(for triceps)
pushups(are pushups and bench press are they pretty well the same thing)
forearm twists

Ya those are the 5 things i usually do. Are these okay or not.

Generally for gaining mass you stay in the 3-5 rep range and upwards as high as 8 for gaining strength focus in the 8-12 and 12-15 rep range im not going to be able to tell you a perfect workout for pitching cause i havent found one yet either im only 17 but what i incorporate into mine is as follows

Dynamics Warmup
Run/jog for 5 minutes
Abs mostly variations of planks and other stuff i feel like for the day
Bodyweight Finish Like bodyweight squats pushups supermans

Then i get into the main workout I make sure to do rotator cuff drills 3-4 times a week before workouts as well.

I usually do 3 main lifts a week Monday Wednesday Friday basically hitting full body each time.

I also add in forearm exercises whenever i want to as follows

A. Reverse Curls x failure (barbell)
-30 second rest
B. Hammer Curls x failure (DB)
-30 second rest
C. Wrist Curls x failure (barbell)

This was a workout given to me by my Coach next year to do in the summer i havent been following it but it shows what they think is the way to go about lifting for pitchers

May 19th- June 24th

                               Monday >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Box Jumps

Barbell Squat


Incline Bench Press

High Pull

                                      Wednesday >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Barbell Split Squats
DB Reverse Lunge
Bench Press
DB Shrugs
DB Military Press

                                      Friday >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

DB Lateral Step-Ups
Clap Push-ups
Curl-ups/ Negatives
Box Jumps
DB Curl and Press

Thats just the week of May 19th-June 24th if you wish for the rest of summer i can send over pm

In the end a workout is best designed by what suits you best i dont like to go for mass with chest and arms but rather tone and build strength without mass Legs and back and core i like to go heavy.