Is this a good Workout for pitcher?

I was given this workout and I just want to know what some people thing about it. I know there are some experts on this website and I would love any feedback on it. Thanks.

Towel Bench 3x3
Front Squats 3x3
DB Single Led Dead Lifts 3x10
DB Step ups 3x10
Lying MB Toss 3x10
Skull Crushers 3x10
Decline Push-up 3x10

Power Cleans 3x3
Dead Lifts 3x3
Leg press 3x10
Shoulder Shrugs 3x10
DB shoulder press 3X10
MB Lateral Toss 3x10

Bench Press 3x3
Parallel Squat 3x3
Str. Leg Dead Lift 3x10
Over Head Walking Lunge 3X10
Pull Ups 3x10
Tri-Press down 3X10
Plyo-Press Downs3X10 (not sure what that one is)

On tuesdays and thursdays its a conditioning type day. Any help with this program would really help. Also every week the sets and reps change.We also have a shoulder and abdonimal complex that we do.
Thank you in Advance for the help.

It’s not bad.

Do you have any suggestions on something I could do differently to be more beneficial?

Maybe, but who gave you this workout? Your coach? If so, you should do what he tells you, especially since this workout is decent.

It’s a bit high in volume and exercises (you really only need 5-7 exercises), but it’s not terrible for novices, especially ones in HS who can recover quickly.