Is this a good "setup"?

Well what I was thinking is when the first hitter comes up throw him a 12-6 curve for a strike, and then a four seam and circle change. But what i was thinking is about the forth hitter, he comes up and I throw a fastball outside so the ump tells me outside and then the hitter will be thinking “oh yea next one is outta here”. While he thinks that I throw a low two seam so he misses and then throw a circle change and for the KO I throw a splitter and strike him out. You guys think this is good? If you have any other ideas tell me (I mainly need help what I should throw to the first three hitters and then the fifth through however many more they got).

You pick the best way to get the batters out. This pitch sequence is just one of many you have at your disposal. What I like is that you have the batter thinking you’re going to throw one pitch and then come in there with another one, and he’s not expecting it. My pitching coach of long ago told me a lot about deception and misdirection on the mound, and you seem to have picked up on some of it. Good for you. 8)

It is very difficult to say what you should throw first and there are certainly different strategies for different hitters. Personally I think you are making things way too complicated. I think that you should stay away from breaking pitches until hitters prove they can hit your fastball. For pitch one I would look at how the hitter is standing and see if there are any indications of how you can pitch him. If not I would try to throw a quality FB on the inner or outer half and get strike one. Unless you have good command of the CB (2 out of 3 for strikes) you are asking for trouble. The other thing to keep in mind is a lot of hitters esp the first time through the lineup are more apt to take a pitch to see what you have, unless you throw it right down the middle.

The other important thing is to remember how you get a hitter out the over the course of the game and how he reacted to a certain pitch i.e. did you get him out but he hit a line drive or alternatively did he get a bloop hit and maybe got lucky. I know one pitcher that kept throwing strike one over the outside corner followed by a slider. He did that the first two at bats so the 3rd ab my guy was looking for it and hit it over the fence. Then on ab 4 he still didn’t learn used the same sequence and hitterr knocked a double off the wall.

Many moons ago, my incredible pitching coach told me some things about keeping batters off balance, and it all could be summed up in this statement: “Figure out what the batter is looking for—and don’t give it to him.” He told me that, for instance, you’d be facing a batter for the third time in a game. You got him out his first two times up with a particular pitch—but you may be sure that the third time he’s going to be looking for that pitch. So you have to figure a different pitch sequence—all important, because one of the most aggravating things for a pitcher is not remembering how he got Joe Zilch out his last time at bat!
I was a finesse pitcher—a snake-jazzer, if you will. not much on speed but with a nice arsenal of offspeed and breaking pitches to which I was adding all the time. My strikeout pitch was a slider which I had nicknamed “Filthy McNasty” (after a character in an old W.C. Fields movie) because that was exactly what it was, with a sharp late break that invariably caught batters off guard, inasmuch as I was one of those exasperating sidearmers who used the crossfire extensively. My coach—an active major-league pitcher—gave me some good ideas about how I could set batters up for that slider, and I had so much fun watching as they either stood there and went “duh” or swung and missed and lost their balance and fell over on their tushes with their arms and legs up in the air like overturned bugs! 8) :slight_smile: :baseballpitcher: