Is this a good schedule?

hi, im in my offseason right now and im doing practice sessions and i just want to know whether this is a good schedule or not.
monday-30-40 pitches
wednsday-30-40 pitches
thursday -rest
and so on, and i occasionly skip a practice due to weather or some other inconveinence, so i just wanted to know if this is a dangerous patern to my arm or if im fine following this pattern. please reply

a ton of info missing…

how long’s your off-season? what are your goals? what level? any pre-existing arm conditions? what’s the intensity level of your work? etc.

My offseason is about 2 -3 months, I just want to build accuracy and speed and work on my mechanics, I play in a 13 and older league, and it’s just a simple bullpen, not really any intensity, and no pre Existing arm conditions

I’d say get cranking then and get more reps! 8)

I don’t think you can throw enough when you’re younger. My bro and I literally threw all day during the summer. Whether it was a wiffle ball or a baseball… didn’t matter. Model the guys from the Dominican - they play pick-up games from morning to dark essentially all year!

Aight thanks man