Is this a good routine?

Hi, I’m a sophomore pitcher (15 years old) and I throw mid 70’s topping out at around 77. I’ve been lifting and using kettlebells lately and just wanted to know if the program I’m doing will continue to add velocity to my fastball (I started 3 months ago and have gained 4 MPH). I lift heavy for legs every 3 days with excersises like squats, leg extensions, dead lifts and so on. Then on the days I don’t workout legs I use kettlebells to do swings, clean and jerks, and a few other kettlebell exercises. I also use 5 pound dumbells on kettlebell days to strengthen my rotator cuff. Any tips on things I should change or keep the same? Any input would be great. Thanks

Good for you. Keep up the good work!

Sounds like a really solid foundation.