Is this a good repitoire?

I am working on my pitch selection. I figure 3 to 4 pitches would work well.
4-seamer, change, powercurve/slider, ?.
Im not sure if the slider/curve I throw is something I shouldn’t be throwing at my age. Im 16, close to 17. Take a curveball grip, and move your thumb from the right side of the ball to the left. I throw it exactly like a curve, just move my thumb. It gets a good sharp and late break, like a slider. Or if I throw from over the top it just has a late sharp directly downward break, no lateral movement.

Are you asking if you should stop throwing that pitch, if so i say your fine. Your around the age most people agree is a good time to start throwing a “breaking” pitch.

Alright thanks. Just wanted to make sure I wasn’t risking anything. I’d rather wait a year or two than ruin my arm.