Is this a good lifting program for a pitcher?

Kyle I’m gonna call you out. In another thread you stated that elitefts bands were “expensive” :lol: :lol:[/quote]

Well, they are! They’re just rubber for god’s sake! :slight_smile:

But compared to a Nautilus low back machine, they’re practically free!

lol show me how you would perform a lowerback exercise with bands.

lol show me how you would perform a lowerback exercise with bands.[/quote]

Deadlift. Squat. Good mornings. etc.

Actually, here’s a perfect example from today’s post on my blog:

Another thing about the dead lift is that at the end of the movement, in the upright position, 100% of the resistance is exerting compression forces on the spine while providing no resistance at all for the muscles
of the lower back.

Which is just unnecessary wear and tear on your body. For those who are young this won’t effect them right away, but when they are older it will catch up to them in the form of arthritis, joint problems, etc.

Huh? Compressive force works the spinal erectors via isometric loading and is completely safe. Compressive force that leads to torque because of lumbar flexion is not safe.

Hyperextension is not safe. You keep doing whatever you want just let me know how your workouts are going 15-20 years from now.

Hyperextension is not safe.[/quote]

Yes, I agree. You know the normal spinal lumbar curve is “extended,” right? Not neutral and not flexed?

Undiscovered, nobody said anything about hyperextending the spine.

Get a trap bar dude, straight bar really isnt necessary unless youre a PL.

A trap bar “deadlift” is far more like a squat due to the placement of the weight. It is also unstable at the top.

Straight bar deadlifts recruit more back musculature which is the intended purpose of including it. The lever arm must be controlled out front.

We’d just front squat more if we wanted more quad-dominant work.

EDIT: You certainly CAN replace all your deadlifting with a trap bar. But two things:

  1. It’s not any more efficient from a training stimulus point of view. (Probably slightly worse due to omission of posterior chain work which is hard to make up elsewhere.)
  2. It costs more money.

Un, you keep bagging on 2 successful guys. Has your 87 increased? Have you gained any weight? For all the blah blah you put out, you certainly aren’t giving anyone any indication that “your” way is better. Let us know next year when your pitching load triples just how YOUR skinny self fares will ya? and your 15 minute workout…well of course we know that won’t survive introduction into college (No coach at the college level will allow such slacking…no matter how smart you think :roll: it is)…so lets see just how tough you are…I will be happy to crow your success and will admit my ignorance to all concerned…if you hang, hack it and don’t get injured. :wink:

I think it depends on your form, i replaced straight bar with trap bar, i find better recruitment of muscles in my upper back and great ham string activation. I dont use my quads and squat to lift the weight.

It might be worth getting because we have a guy with a torn serratus which means the lever arm out front is tough for him to deal with and the externally rotated position of the back squat is hard. He’s mainly front squatting and cleaning but could use a heavy pull, and heavy DLs are out.

I agree LankyLefty is successful but who would the other guy be? I have gained about 6 pounds since starting this workout. This style of working out is just more time efficient. I think muscular gains are probably simliar vs other workouts, but joint inflammation is greatly reduced with super slow protocol.

Force= Mass x Acceleration

To LankyLefty: I was reading your blog yesterday and noticed you had some back problems and some tendonitis a while back, what was the cause for it? Anyway Congrats on UMD! That’s pretty cool

F = MA is an argument AGAINST your type of training. Not for it.

EDIT: Calculate the acceleration of the implement in your training. It is very low. The mass is also low. Calculate the instantaneous acceleration of a baseball at the point when MER rebounds into IR. (You may need to talk to a physics professor for help.) It is extremely, extremely high. The mass is very low.

For everyone else: I hope this is a very good demonstration of the exact way you should not “think” about things. You should question your beliefs rigorously and seek to disprove them. This is what we call the “scientific method.” Anything else is biased and should be discarded.

Do you own a conditioning/Workout facility?
Have you devised an innovative method of stop motion analysis?

Maybe you should open your eyes to what is success and stop thinking you have to prove anyone or anything wrong…if you think you have a better way, prove it by being an advocate for it, instead of a random criticizer.

You consider how both of these men…I repeat MEN have approached you. neither has done anything but give you respect and provide reference information to the ascertians they make…dude, you can’t ask for better than that anywhere in life…deal with them on the same level.