Is this a good build for a high school/college(D3) pitcher?

So here is my build:
WEIGHT:180 lbs
Body Fat %:about 13%

I know this isn’t much to go off of, and I would say take a look at my mechanics vid, but it’s sort of deceiving cause my shoulder blades are at a weird angle(bad posture I guess), so the shirt seems like a size or two too big making me look like a stick. Anyway I have a workout plan for the summer and ideally I would like to be 200 lbs by tryouts, Sept 11, but idk if that’s a reasonable goal since I’ve never worked out to gain weight before, I’ve only done it to lose weight. Like I used to weight 220(mostly fat).

So if you want to know anything more about my build let me know. If you think me being able to put on 20 lbs of muscle by Sept 11 is(n’t) reasonable let me know. I’m really looking for anything hear haha.

you’re only carrying about 155lbs of lean mass on your 6’3" frame which isn’t much. You’re definitely going to want to add some muscle. 6’3" 200lbs at a similar bodyfat is a good goal to start with and definitely reachable. For a guy like you who sounds like he has a slower metabolism it wont be too hard to put on weight just make sure you’re being careful about what you put into your body.

Agree with LankyLefty. Start with at least 1g protein/lb bodyweight per day.

No offence guys ^^^^. But he needs more information then just telling him to eat 1g of protein/bodyweight. That is important. But the big thing is " YOUR DAILY CALORIE MAINTENCE LEVEL"

Google this term and then go to the site.

Nevermind i will just make a link for ya

Follow all the information. You will also be doing 5 days of intense lifting. Because thats what a normal lifting schedule is for me anyways.

Trust me you are a newb to lifting, thus you will be able to gain 4-5lbs of muscle each month. So 5 times 5 is 25lbs of lean muscle. You will put some fat on, but depending on your diet should only be around 3-4lbs.(for me anyways)

So ya figure your maintence level out, then add 500 calories to your maintence level. This will let your body gain abruptly 1lb of muscle each week. If you are gaining a little bit more. Maybe 1.2-1.4lbs of muscle. It is fine. If you are gaining 2.5-3lbs. Then your gaining to much fat.

So ya add 500 calories to your maintence. If this doesn’t work and you are not adding 1lb each week, bump it up to 300 calories. and so on.


You can lift all the weights in the world, you aren’t going to get anywhere if you don’t eat.


You can add all the parts you want to your car, to make it faster.

But if you don’t have gas in the car, then it will not run at all.

Same principle. NUTRITION IS YOUR ENERGY. thats where the weight comes from. Remember that

NOw for weight lifting. This is important too. You want to make sure that every week you are increasing either your reps or your weight

You are a newb so you don’t need reps yet. You should be able to add about 10lbs each week to your deadlift, and squats easily.

I will give you a routine that helped me put on 25lbs of muscle and only 3-4lbs of fat in only 6months.

I will give you the offseason workout routine/ and the inseason workout routine.

Mon: Chest
Tues: Back
Wed: off
thurs: legs
fri: shoulders
sat: arms
sun: off


Mon: chest/Shoulders
tues: Back/legs
wed: off
thurs: arms(optional)

As you can see in the in-season we want to combine most of the workouts, just because you might have practice 2-3times a week, and if you throw a bullpen or do some live pitching, then your triceps,shoulders will be sore and will not be able to do the exercises

I myself have used only the offseason workout plan. Thats my own custom plan. I am only 1 week into trying the in-season wokout and i actually like it alot

I will give you the exercises to, to do with the split


Flat dumbell bench press
Incline dumbell bench press
chest flys

barbell row
chinups/pull ups


Military press
front raises
side raises
reverse flys


Squats 8 sets of 5-8 reps


Barbell curls
incline curls
hammer curls

close grip bench press
skull crushers

For every exercise do 5-8 reps. Keep the reps higher for the isolation exercises. Probaly in the 8 rep range. And for the compound exercises. Like deadlift, squat, barbell row, dips, chinups, miliary press, keep them in the 5 rep range, and make sure to do at least 5 sets.

All other exercises are considered isolation.


Complex carbs- potatoes, brown rice, pasta, oatmeal
simple carbs- fruits
Protein, chicken, tuna, milk, turkey,

Make sure to get at least 400g of carbs in you a day. make sure most of them come from your complex carbs. These carbs are the ones that give you long lasting energy.

If you have any more questions let me know dude

Actually i just realized you are about 20lbs lighter than me. So the amount of carbs you eat can vary. Just make sure that you have about 40-60g of carbs each meal kk

gotta love that bodybuilder split and the single exercise leg routine.

all kidding aside there was a lot of good info there. I’ll give my .02 when time permits

Alrite thanks for the feed back and this is the workout routine I whipped up please critique it:

Mon: Chest/Core Workout
Tues: Back
Wed: Yoga/Core Workout
thurs: arms
fri: shoulders /Core Workout
sat: legs
sun: Rest Day*

Dumbbell Bench Press
Chest Flys
Inline Dumbbell Bench Press
Chest Press
Pec Deck*
Weeks 1,4,7,etc. 3 sets of 12-15(Pec Deck 3 of 10)
Weeks 2,5,8,etc. 3 sets of 8-10(Pec Deck 3 of 8 )
Weeks 3,6,9,etc. 3 sets of 6-8(Pec Deck 2 of 8 )

Barbell Row
Lat Pulldown
Dumbbell Row
Close Grip Pulldown
Weeks 1,4,7,etc. 3 sets of 12-15
Weeks 2,5,8,etc. 3 sets of 8-10
Weeks 3,6,9,etc. 3 sets of 6-8

P90X yoga routine

Barbell Curls
Incline Curls
Hammer curls
Skull Crushers
Forearm Curls
Reverse Forearm Curls
Weeks 1,4,7,etc. 3 sets of 12-15
Weeks 2,5,8,etc. 3 sets of 8-10
Weeks 3,6,9,etc. 3 sets of 6-8

Front Raise
Side raise
Shoulder shrugs
Military Press
*Exercise coach showed me(hard to explain but you use 5lbs then with your thumbs pointed out raise your arms above your head and slowly bring them down, then with your thumbs pointed in raise your arms up at a 45 angle and bring them down slowly, then with thumbs pointed out raise your arms up by your sides, then raise them straight back. Do each one for 3 sets of 12)
Weeks 1,4,7,etc. 3 sets of 12-15
Weeks 2,5,8,etc. 3 sets of 8-10
Weeks 3,6,9,etc. 3 sets of 6-8

Dumbbell Front Squat
Dumbbell Step Back
Back Squat
Leg Extension
Calf Raise
3 sets of 15(increase weight when it becomes too easy)

*Rest Day
P90x Stretch routine
15 Full Body Ice Bath
Quick Full body Stretch

P90x Ab routine
30 sec. planks
leg raises 30 sec.

This seem solid?

I’m currently working on completing my NASM CPT certification and I just want to say that without 1st preparing his body for strength training, he’s setting himself up for injury and time on the shelf. Any athlete looking to compete at a higher level must first complete a phase of stabilization endurance training. That will ensure that muscular imbalances and postural deficiencies are corrected, setting him up for future successes and gains.

Yeah, of course. Everyone has to do a “postural deficiency scan” with “muscular imbalances” paid attention to that only a personal trainer that you pay $500/month can do.

For the record, I own the NASM training materials and could pass the CPT test tomorrow. They’ve done a good job plagiarizing Eric Cressey’s Assess and Correct and Magnificent Mobility DVDs and making it a certification course, I’ll say that much.

But all the hype about needing to do BOSU ball garbage is simply not true.

take what you will from the information, the fact is still this. You can’t take a kid who has spent little to no time in a gym and throw him head first into a weight training regimen and expect him to stay injury free. I know you’re a knowledgeable guy Kyle, but it’d be irresponsible to completely dismiss the scientific rationale for their integrated approach to one’s personal training. I’m in no way, shape or form advocating to have every single athlete drop hundred’s of dollars each month on a personal / athletic trainer, but I AM stating that there IS an importance to approaching training intelligently. To NOT focus on improving stabilization and balance before really getting after the strength component of training would be foolish and short sighted IMO.

@ecmike73 I appreciate what your trying to say about how I shouldn’t go head first into a workout program with no prior experience in a weight room but I have a decent amount. Last school year during the off season I was in the weight room following a workout plan made by our coach, then during the season I had a running schedule(a poor one but still gave me something), then during the summer I went to my buddies weight room in his apartment, but it doesn’t have much to offer so I basically ran and then towards the end of summer I did p90x for about a month, then this past yr during the offseason I was in the weight room again following a workout routine made by our coach, and this year I put in my own workout routine when we were in season and I followed it every day until I got injured during a game. So it’s not like I have no experience, my body isn’t in amazing shape but that’s probably because of what I put into it on days I knew I wasn’t pitching for awhile. So again thanks for the concern but I’m fine,


DS, the point isn’t that you don’t have experience in the weight room, the point is that everyone has deficiencies somewhere, the weak point which need to be fixed. Without fixing those weak point you will undoutedly risk injury. You can put on 2lbs a week (healthy weight), but do not expect that all of it will be muscle.

ok I guess I understand, but 2 things:

  1. How would I not have noticed a weak point yet? I mean I know I said I injured my knee awhile ago, but that doesn’t mean I stopped going to the weight room completely. And since it was in season I wasn’t really lifting to get strength, it was just to stay in shape so wouldn’t that count as my “prep”. I worked out every part of my body(not strenuously, but still a little something). Also, wouldn’t I have noticed a “weak spot”? I mean would my knee be the “weak spot”. Because if it is I’m still taking it easy on the knee, like I’m using it at 70% with a knee brace, and by the end of summer I want to be using it 85%+ without a brace.

  2. In case I COMPLETELY misunderstood what you were trying to say in your post making everything I just said irrelevant, how would I find a weak point a stabalize/prep it?

Bump again, sorry but I really want as much info I can get before I start doin this full swing

nobody has commented on the fact that his actual workout routine is a bodybuilder split from the caveman era. An “arms” day with 5 different curl variations and a “shoulders” day? Why? Why not listen to a legitimate strength coach like joe defranco or eric cressey?

Both have free templates online…

West Side for Skinny Bastards III or this from cressey are much better options in my opinion…

LankyLefty makes a fantastic point…

I have just recently become aware of this site and have enjoyed reading some of the posts…However, as an owner and strength coach of a performance training facility I’m finding some of the info and advice re: strength training for baseball (and pitching specifically) to be woefully outdated or just mis-informed in many cases…

I certainly don’t know everything about S&C for baseball (we’re working hard to get better everyday) but the bottom line young guys need to understand is that as a baseball player looking to maximize your potential, you need to train like an athlete- not a bodybuilder.

That means training smart with movement patterns (push/pull, etc) integrated with a well-thought out corrective exercise/recovery program. Body-part training like “arm” day and “shoulder” day WILL GET YOU INJURED sooner or later.

Anyway… apologies for the mini-rant. I will try to post up more frequently to give my two cents worth in this area. There seems to be some very intelligent posters on this board so I look forward to enjoying the site…


From my own personal experience. I was 5’10 160lbs and was super skinny. At the end of last year i started a workout routine.

I am now 5’10 185lbs, and continuing to grow. I plan to be 5’10 195lbs in around august.

And i am only 12 percent body fat.

That being said i just jumped right into a workout guide dude.

I just took it slow and eventually my body adapted to it

Yours will too. after about 2-3 weeks u will be ready to go dude.

So ya just jump right into it dude. You will be fine.