Is this a good arsenal

10-4 curve
12-6 curve
2-seam fast ball
4-seam fast ball
knuckle curve
llab ball
3-finger change-up
split-finger fastball
form of gyro ball( has rotation but doesn’t break)
working on cut fastball
To my first replier I don’t throw all of those in a game so I tell my catcher which ones i will throw. And to Pustulio I throw every pitch and I don’t give a hoot what you say you will probably only top 69 mph when I’m already throwing 85 mph and you think I’m inconsistent then why do a have a 13-0 record with 2 no-hitters and a .37 ERA and am receiving scholarship offers from around the country . To the guy who told me to lose the 10-4 curve thanks a lot my arm fells better already. i’m also trying to cut down on some pitches i’m just throwing them to get the scouts attention then when i commit i’ll ask the pitching coach which ones I
should keep.

Do u use all of these pitches??, thats way tooooooo many, how does ur catcher signal what to pitch?, I only have four pitches but u have like 12-13 pitches :open_mouth:

w00t, we have the next dice K

btw the curve (10-4) get writ of it, 12-6 is fine lol

you dont add your fastballs @ 80-85-90 mph in it do you?
same thing

and about the gyro ball thingy, first off all, you dont throw no gyro ball, if u do u would be famous already, if the gyro even exists;)
just sum slurve(?) or slider who fails to break(little to less wrist action or sumthing else?)

“Is this a good arsenal?”

For an entire pitching staff, sure, for one guy…?
A starter in mlb rarely has more than four pitches, and generally speaking you’d rarely see all 4 in one inning, Greg Maddux rarely breaks 88-89 these days, but he still throws the fastball to establish the change. Others will start w/breaking balls but later work heat because they set it up. Now some folks do have a whole bunch of different looks…they nearly universally come from Cuba, both the Hernandez’s (Livan and El Duque) feature almost every arm angle and funky breaking mess you can think up…Much like the great Satchel Paige, but those days are pretty much gone if you are training to be a pitcher in America these days. I don’t know if its for the best…wierd and funky pitches and pitchers have added art and color to our sport, whether it be the wild leg kick of a Marichal or Louis Tiant looking at heaven, the “Spaceman” Bill Lee or Fernando’s zillion screwballs…I was blessed enough to have seen Satchel Paige pitch in the 1960’s (No one knew how old he actually was but at the time saying he was in his 50’s was accepted as fact) and seen starters that threw sidewinder (Ted Abernathey…some guy named Upshaw), throw in the Hoyt Wilhelms and Wakefields and the Niekro brothers, they all add or added dimension.
I know, or think I know, why this is true but I still find it a shame and am happy with the injection of the Dice-k’s of the world, without them MLB would imo decay

Actually jd i have to agree with you.

If it wasnt for the different pitchers from different places and different abilities the game would just be full of high speed fastballs, changeups and curveball/sliders. With people like Dice K with 8+ pitches, and El Duque’s multiple arm angles it makes the game more interesting and fun to watch, even with the high heat from Joel Zumaya its a better game.

I watched a game the other day with the NY Mets and El Duque was throwing, it was the first time id seen him. His fastest pitch for the game was 89mph and his slowest 45mph!!! I had no idea there were people out there in the majors that have such slow pitches. His fast ball for the game was between 77-85 on average, curveball never went over 70, and he was throwing them from every arm angle. With such a big difference between pitches and different arm angles the batters facing him couldnt hit the ball, he pitched a 6 inning shutout. For such a “slow” pitcher (as jd said its mainly junk) its hard to believe he would be so succesful.

The game is better because of the uniqueness of pitching styles

What boggles the mind is his longevity, if gurus and the conventional wisdom are followed, someone like him should pretty much stay on the dl as his mechanics are bad…why…he doesn’t throw like Rocket or Maddux…he should have already had a truckload of TJ surguries, shoulder reconstruction and the heartbreak of psorisis :shock: Instead, he’s another one of those guys who no one really knows how old he is…Jose Contraras is another one of those Cubans who throw it from everywhere…he’s also fun to watch.

To the original poster, I really don’t think you throw those consistanly. I think you are trying to impress us with variety because you don’t feel confident in yourself. Realize that variety is not the key to succes (unless it is variety in speed). Alot of people are succesful with 2 pitches, fastball then the changeup.
I think the only pitcher who has had succes with a ton of pitches is Mike Mussina, he doesn’t even have as many as that though.
Here’s Mussina’s arsenal:
Knuckle curve
Knuckle change
Circle Change

Mussina doesn’t throw a knucle change and that isn’t even a pitch either.

Do you watch every single Yankees game of the season on the YES network and MLB extra innings? Do you see all of Moose’s starts? Do you watch all the Yankees programs where they talk to players including Moose who did mention that he will throw a knuckle change from time to time? I didn’t think so! He throws a knuckle change, he does not throw it often no, but, yes he does throw one!
Why would you deny it is a pitch? People throw it all the time.

How do you grip a knuckle change?

I don’t really throw one but, Moose said on the Yankees Batting Practice show that he grips the circle change and then puts the middle fingertip in wich gives it more sink because there isn’t as much spin.

That makes sense.

any knuckleball in the low 60’s could be considered a knuckle change. in fact, any pitch that varies quite a bit with a fastball would be a change up. (curveball, knuckleball, circle change, etc.)