Is this a good arsenal for a game?

Ok, in games i usally do 4 seem, 2 see, changeup and a curve ball.

Now(espacilly since im going to HS) im hoping to revise my pitches.

This is what I was going to do 4 seem, 2 seem, knucle ball, and a cutter.

The fast balls are my best pitches so im going to keep those. The knucle ball to replace my changeup because it seemed like whenever i did a changeup the batter always hit it so im hoping the extra drop of the knucle ball will help. Also the cutter because when ever i do to many curves it hurts alot.

does that sound good? Also sorry for all the topics and posts today, just trying to stay active(and becaume a better pitcher :P)

I have to ask, why does your curveball hurt? Ur 2 seam and 4 seam pitches could be called your fast ball. Then your cutter is another variation of a fastball. Your knuckleball is argueably a type of changeup. Depending on your age, you need a breaking ball. If your under 15 i dont recommend having a breaking pitch.

If you work on the hitter your change will kill them. Just this weekend i got a kid crossed up with a well place changeup (first and only changeup for the game, got me a K:) ).

Use the pitches you already have (4,2,CU and CB) they are effective if you place them well

You could work on a splitter and a knuckle curve. There freaking sick for me, and hurt your arm in no way.

I have a question about your change-up? When you throw your change are the batters good experienced and strong batters? My cousin on my summer team would pitch and he has a very over-powering fastball. I’d be at short and watch for signs so when I see his change-up I know to get ready. For some reason his change would work for some and not others. So here comes the pitch, whack out to outfield. We couldn’t figure it out. This is the conclusion I came to. The bad hitters were so far behind your fastball they weren’t ever going to catch up. When you throw that change-up it meets perfectly with their swings for the worse hitters. Now the good ones would get off-balance because they were trying to catch up to the hard fastball and they were actually capable of it, unlike the crappy hitters who were behind the fastball anyways.

Could this be your change-up problem?

hum, that might be it. I realy noticed it with this one team of kids that looked like they were 10.

Also when I was 12 years old I started doing curve balls and did a ton of them and because I did at wrong age(and the amount probably had something to)now when ever I do to many it hurts

find out why your curve ball hurts first, as for the change up, this can be your most effective pitch, batting is timing, a change up can be as nasty as the best curve ball, work on throwning it lown and away, but most importantly, remember its the grip that slows it down, not you pitching the ball slower, trust the grip

It’s probably what Bower mentioned. It could be due to your pitch selection. If you throw a fastball to a hitter and he is late don’t throw him a change up and speed up his bat, however if hes early then the change up would be ideal to fool him.