Is this a cutter

I was pitching to my dad on 7/29 and I gripped the ball like a curveball cuase i was going to throw one but when I released it i forgot to give it the opposite spin so the ball hits my dad in the shoulder and when I asked him why he didn’t catch he said it cut to the right last second so i figure it was a cutter an I right?

Sorry my post are so long I go into detail

r u left handed?

That wasn’t that long but yea what handed pitcher are you? A righty that would be rare but a lefty wouldn’t.

i’m a righty

just so nobody gets confused it cuts to the right if your catching

Yea I guess that could be a cutter. Or a slider. A cutter is basically an off balance fastball thrown exactly the same way a fastball is thrown and it moves to the left for the pitcher a few inches or so.