Is this a Balk

A 15 year old pitcher comes set with his glove in front of his face. Is this a balk?

Im assuming ur asking when he is in the stretch, and I dont see why that would be a balk as long as he comes set at the same point each time…?

It’s a balk…only 16 year olds can do that kinda stuff


Based on the age specified, I’m assuming we’re talking high school rules. In that case, I believe NFHS rules do state that the glove must be held no higher than the chin. But I’m not sure if the penalty is a balk call. I’d have to go dig out my rules book to be sure.

All the help would be great. It was as tied game 6-6 in the bottom of the 6th inning. Runner at third base with two outs. Full count on the hitter. The umpire calls a balk so they win 7-6. The funny part is, he pitched like that for the first 5 innings. Umpire never said anything before. He holds his glove by his right ear so a runner at 2B and 3B can still see his mouth and eyes. It was just a bull call that ruined a good game.

If you can find that rule please let me know. The umpire said that rule goes for little league and High School.

Caution: My NFHS rule book is from 2006.

Rule 6, Article 3 talks about pitching from the stretch position. A lot of things are said but the relevant part is:

“He shall come to a complete and discernable stop (a change of direction is not considered an acceptable stop) with the ball in both hands in front of the body and his glove at or below his chin.”

The rule book then goes on to describe the penalty for Articles 1, 2, and 3 as follows:

“The ball is dead immediately when an illegal pitch occurs. If there is no runner, a ball is awarded to the batter. If there is a runner, such illegal act is a balk. In both situations, the umpire signals dead ball.”

So, it seems that it was a balk. But, even if it wasn’t, it would probably be too late to do anything about it unless a formal protest was made to the umpire before leaving the field.

But, assuming the pitcher had not already received a warning from the umpire, I agree that was a pretty crappy call to make that late in the game and in that situation.