Is this a balk?

when i come set i have all my weight on my back leg

so i try to pick sum1 off its a very poor move over to first

can i steb off the rubber and BEHIND the rubber then throw to first as opposed to stepping of INFRONT of the rubber?

If you step behind the rubber you can do whatever you want with the ball, you don’t even have to throw it. If you do a spin-move in front of the rubber to 1st you have to throw it.

Assuming your right-handed, do you mean step backwards off the rubber towards first base?

when ppl throw to first they take theyre back foot off the rubber and put ut up near thier front foot then throw to first assuming ur a RH

so can i take my back foot off the rubber and put it behind the rubber then turn towards first as a pickoff move and throw?

so instead of stepping infront of the rubber with my back foot to pickoff i step behind the rubber with my back foot to pick off

Yes you can do that and you don’t even have to throw it but it takes more time than the spin move when your back foot spins and points towards home plate and your other foot is parallel to it. If you do that you have to throw it.

my move is MUCH quicker when i step behind the rubber

stepping infront of the rubber my moves around 1 second long :shock:

and i look like a clown when i do it

Can you as a RHP do a leg kick with your back leg like you normally do with your front leg then step off? I did that once in a game and the opposing coach said its a balk but the ump didnt say anything.

u cant do that

UNLESS ur throwing to third

once u lift ur leg either u throw to third or u go home… once u start toward home u have to throw there

You have to be careful with this sneaky tactic. Once you lift your back foot you have disengaged the rubber. Most rules state that it is a balk to go through part of your normal delivery while NOT engaging the rubber.

I’ve seen this move attempted against my team once. The pitcher had obviously practiced it because he was smooth and it was very subtle. In fact, the umpires didn’t even notice it. I recognized it right away and told our runner on 3B to get back so it didn’t work. Then I had a friendly chat with the umpires. :wink:

so a basic overview on my question

is it a balk or is it legal?

or do i hafta check the rule book or ask the coach or whatever?

I’d ask a coach because he can see exactly what you mean, it’s hard for us to tell here what your saying to the detail.

Your coach will know.

It’s tough to tell from your written description exactly what move you’re talking about. Since you mentioned lifting your back leg as you would your front leg, that tells me you’re talking about a fake delivery move to get the runner to take his secondary lead so you can pick him off. That’s an attempt to deceive the runner. I would say that’s a balk. Take a look at][u]MLB rule 8.05g[/u
. You may be under a different rule set but I believe most rule sets (except Little League) are similar in this regard.