Is this a balk???

From the windup, with no runners on base, the RHP takes his left foot and strides out about a foot away from the rubber, then the pitcher takes his pivot (right foot) and lifts it up in the air slides it over to his left foot, now both feet are off the mound, around a foot away from the rubber. The pitcher then takes his pivot foot (right) and puts it back in front of the rubber and then brings his left leg up to his balance point and throws the ball home. With both feet leaving the rubber is this a balk? If not, what can the umpire say to this pitcher? I am asking this because a pitching coach is teaching this to all 12U pitchers.

It may not be a balk, not with the bases empty, but if this is the same yutz who’s teaching those under-12 pitchers he has to be out of his mind and then some. :o

It is an illegal motion and the umpire can call a ball every time the pitcher does it.
Technically “balks” in the general sense require base runners.

Tough to say for sure without seeing it but it sounds like a very common move. Rules say you get one step back and one step forward. Some pitchers take a step back. Some step to the side. And some step forward while starting to turn and then plant the pivot foot in front of the rubber. All of these are usually considered legal even though they don’t all seem to fit the rules.

The only questionable part to me is both feet ending up a foot in front of the rubber.

Both feet stepping forward a foot in front of the rubber then one back to the rubber to re lease the pitch has to be an illegal pitch.
Bases occupied -Balk
Unoccupied - illegal pitch ump can call Ball on the pitch :oops:

I hear what you’re saying. That’s why I said both feet being a foot in front of the rubber is questionable - because either the pitcher really did step back to the rubber or he was pitching from a foot in front of the rubber. If the pitcher is really doing these things, then I agree with you 100% - illegal pitch.

I guess I just can’t imagine a pitcher stepping forward with both feet and then stepping back a foot to the rubber only to change directions and stride forward. Makes me question the original description.

Stepping forward/turning with both feet (but mostly just turning) to end up with the pivot foot against the front edge of the rubber is fairly common. Here’s a video that kind of shows this:

I would really like to see video of a pitcher doing what the original poster described.

Roger, I’ve tried to visualize this as well and I just can’t figure out the reasoning or how it’s supposed to happen the way it’s described. :?

Tons of pitchers pick up their pivot foot so that both feet are off the rubber before placing the pivot foot down at the front edge of the rubber.

Being a foot to the forward, I’d say it’s illegal.

If it went to the same side along with the left foot then slid back into position in front of the rubber, then it might look strange, but I don’t see anything that would be more illegal or deceptive than any other pitcher who lifts and drops the pivot foot. It’s only a matter of degree.

I would like to see a video because I’m sure each of us is visualizing this differently in our heads.

Either way, it’s illegal.]