Is this a balk?

Once during an inning I was attempting to keep the runner close, I did my normal pickoff to fist but i didnt throw the ball because he had already heard he coach scream to get back. Well he didnt go back he jumped toward second without realizing I was still off the rubber, I had held my arm up in a cocked position the whole time so I followed through and threw the ball. I would have had the guy easy but the ump call balk? He said it was because I faked to first then threw in the same motion? I though since you can fake to first and since I was not back on the rubber there was nothing wrong?

So was it a balk?

Moe Morhardt, an ex-major league player, once old me that once a pitcher disengages the rubber he is now a fielder and can do what he wants with the ball. What you did is kind off like what a catcher does getting the runner to go back to third. Fake pumping until he last second and then throwing the ball to the third baseman to the out. BUT you should also take a look at the rules and see if what you did was a baulk because different leagues have different ideas on what is a baulk and what isn’t.

It really depends on what your “Normal” move to first is, did you leave the rubber first or did you jump turn or a variation of that, of course a jump turn or any move toward first without leaving the rubber requires you to actually throw the ball to first, you cannot fake it.

Second, you can take some time and ask the umpire to more clearly explain the balk to you, I only balked maybe 3 times this year (one for quick pitch and another becuase my first baseman was no where to be seen on a jump turn) bu each time I took time with the ump to slow things down a bit, I knew what I did but I used the time to my advantage.

Yes i once again agree with buwhite find out exactly what you did wrong.