Is this a bad or good start?

I started the game on Saturday. I thought my arm was feeling good. But when i started to pitch i got this pain. It went away and it didnt hurt that much when it came back.

First inning i gave up 4 runs. I think 3 of them were earned. But they were just knocking my pitches. Gaps and everything. The second and third innings were scoreless. I told my coach after the third inning my arm was hurting but i can pitch one more inning. So the fourth inning i was getting them in 0-2 counts but they just smashed the breaking balls. And so i gave up 3 runs and my coach took me out. 7 runs given up and 4 strikeouts. Probably only 2 walks and 3 and a half innings pitched. Is that a bad or good start for your first time pitching with this team?

It’s impossible for me to say whether this was a good or a bad start, given the fact that your arm was hurting. I can only say that you should not try to pitch again until you have had a doctor check it out. You don’t want to make things any worse than they already are. :roll:

On those 0-2 pitches, you said they were smashing your breaking stuff. I’d throw a heater up above the letters, then attack with a curve ball. That’s one way to handle that situation. Today i was up 0-2 and threw a fastball a little above the waist… not high enough. Good luck!