Is there such a thing as overstriding?

Lately i’ve been trying to get a longer stride length, but sometimes it’s almost like I take to big of a step and then I lose my control, and my form. Can you overstride?

Not an expert… but relatively informed on this topic & will throw some ideas out there.

I really pushed & tracked my son’s stride length. Given the goal of 90-100% of heigth, we really tried to maintain that. Wouldn’t say it was an obsession, but even my 12 yr old asked about his “stride length” after outings… he’s astute but rarely talks mechanics outside of observing others.

I had a pretty successful pitching coach say to me recently that it’s an effect of some good things great pitchers do, but is a topic that is generally misapplied and the message has been lost.

If I understood his point, which I hope I did because it effected my current beliefs… he said the long stride is the effect of lower body extension. The tension & stretch created by the extension of the back drive leg, which transfers into an extended yet braced front/plant leg is the key. The effect is naturally going to be an efficient yet long stride.

Focusing on just a long stride & forgetting that’s an effect of a bigger cause creates the problem… the problem being a loss of torque, hips opening too soon, “rushing” i.e. not staying behind center of gravity into your transfer and release.

My son does a lot of things right and looks very sound & natural… having said that he was starting to rush & getting ahead of his torso & the timing was off. You would have a hard time telling me it wasn’t a result of him focusing on a long stride as an end point vs gathering his weight thru the balance pt, hand break & stride in full extension.

I haven’t said boo about stride length since… head position, balance, back leg extension & front glove side are our only topics & the “rushing” is gone. I’ll have to check, but I’ll guess that his stride is probably similar… he’s just getting there the right way.

Lincecum may “lung” out there, but he’s getting there as a result of full extension & staying in balance first. Plus he’s a freak, if your kid or yourself has those tools you can just let him go:)

It would be interesting to hear an accomplished player who has a strong understanding of the application describe what they “feel” & focus on.

I visualize a stretch/tension from the inside of the the thighs/legs due to the gradual increase in angle while riding the back leg into the transfer to an extended front side.

it’s all muscle memory development & natural athleticism & feel. What exercise develops the proper stride? I’ve looked @ a slide board that speed skaters use… thoughts?

TO put it simply, you want to be able to get out over your stride leg in order to deliver the ball. Stride length is definitely a piece to the puzzle and if you can control a long stride and still be able to stay balaned on that front foot during release then thats one less piece of the puzzle to master.

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Yes, absolutely you can overstride… and understride. The key as Hoy pointed out is to find that balance that will allow you to be as efficient and powerful as possible.

ok, thanks. I found that i was trying to get a longer stride, but my mechanics were not the same.

Stride length should be used as an indicator but not really worked on directly. Rather, you should work on those things that lead to a longer stride and let them determine the length of your stride.

I agree 100%. Having a powerful sideways movement (stride) is more important, for example, than the “step” itself.