Is there such a animal?

Is there a metal cleat out there that can flex in the middle of the shoe ? Every pair of metal cleats I have seen are real stiff on the bottom. My younger son 2015 had foot surgery (Tarsal Colation) a little over a year ago and his feet still hurt a lot when he wears metal spikes. Right now he wears a Mizuno erupt 9 spike turf shoe, it has enough flexibility not to cause him any problems.

Basically I’m looking for a new metal cleat designed like vintage cleats Here’s a few links that will show what design I’m looking for. Any Ideas ?

These may work for you.

Super light and they use their “Parallel Wave Technology”…

I would like some cleats that fit, being comfortable would be great too.

Thx Jazz we will check those out. If he wears metal cleats for a whole practice or a game he gets pretty bad leg pain almost like a bad case of shin splints. I’m looking for a metal cleat that flexes like a running shoe if there is such a thing.

Mizuno seems to flex pretty well after break in.