Is there anywhere to stand on the rubber that makes you more accurate

where should i stand on the rubber to make my self more accurate i am also right handed

I usually tried to be centered, but when that was not possible, due to mound conditions, I would use the right side of the rubber as much as possible against right handed hitters. With runner at first only, I used the left side.

Where you stand on the rubber - combined with your stride direction - can affect your posture later in the delivery. And that can affect control, velocity, release point, etc. But there is no one right answer for all pitchers. I’d need to see video of your delivery in order to suggest a starting position for you.

All things equal: standing on the glove side of the rubber is a slightly shorter, more direct line to the plate; standing on the throwing arm side of the rubber is a slightly longer, more angled line to the plate.

Experiment with both. How old are you? My son is 13 and has settled (for now) on the throwing arm side of the rubber. Over the years, however, my son switched from one side to the other a few times, such as when he struggled with control. The change would give him a psychological benefit, and it would pay off with better control!

Generally speaking - If you tend to stride closed start on the glove side. If you tend to stride open - start on the throwing arm side.