Is there a rule regarding

object interference from stuff in the air, like if there’s a bird or something even an R/C helicopter or something and a batted ball hits it?

Reference: Major League II

I’m pretty sure that it is a dead ball in the case of interference by a fan (so a helicopter would be fan interference) and a live ball if it is by something in nature (like a bird). I’m not sure about the actual rule, though.

ic, I know there is a rule for thrown gloves/hats at the ball and that’s a three base award.

if some flying object were to interfere with the pitched ball’s flight directly it would be considered a no pitch. If there was no contact directly but it was like a slow floating balloon irritatingly hovering 30 feet above the infield, then depending on whether the umpire thinks it is a major issue to call a no pitch or not.

randy johnson killed a bird, either that or severely injured the poor sucker, during spring training once… and i think it was easily a fastball over 95mph… not even a human head could survive that much less a frikin seagull or something like that… it was called a no pitch.

There was an instance during a minor league game—probably AA—where a passenger-carrying blimp or dirigible or whatever they called it came into view and dropped to about 250 feet above the playing field and just hovered there so that the passengers could get a good view of the action on the field. Time was called and the umpires got together to discuss the situation, and finally the plate umpire bellowed “If a batted ball hits that whatchamacallit, it’s a ground-rule double!”