Is There A Correct Way to Finish

is there a correct way for you to end up after release
ive seen many different styles from K-Rod to Rivera
doesn the way you finish/end up have any effect on the pitch

I like falling off towards 1st (RHP) that shows great rotation and not pushing the ball.

What you do leading up to release is what affects the pitch. What you do after release cannot - by definition - affect the pitch. But it can affect your body since deceleration of the arm must still occur.

i used to try to stop my self from going all the way around
i would let my arm go around and not my body
i tried to keep myself in good fielding position

now that ive changed/refined my mechanics im throw a bit harder and coming all the way around

I tend to do the K-Rod… just not quite as bad as that.

Anything leading up to release of the ball is what affects the pitch. Anything after release has no effect on the ball because it’s no longer in contact with your body thus your body has no influence over what it does.

Yes but what you do after you release is generally a product of what you’ve done before release. So, indirectly, your finish is a good indicator of the quality of the pitch.

A couple of thoughts.

Being too pre-occupied with consciously trying to finish in a “good fielding position” has the potential to influence what you do up to that point. My own opinion is that your first priority on the mound is to make the most effective pitch you are capable of. Don’t “put the cart before the horse” by letting the finish position dictate the mechanics of job 1, the pitch.

Let your finish be a “result” of the mechanics you develop for the pitch, not the other way around.

So, I’m not in total agreement that what happens after release doesn’t directly affect the pitch. It can, because if the finish position is your goal, as happens when the fielding position becomes that, it can cause your mechanics to be modified so you can get there.

Pitch first, then see what you can do to improve your fielding. Again, don’t put the cart before the horse.