Is shortening the MLB season to 154 games good for pitchers?

New MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred suggested that he is open to reducing the length of the baseball season to 154 games.


I swear he’s just saying everything he can just to stir the pot, first it was defensive shifts, then the pace of game junk, now this…

Although a 154 game schedule would be interesting to see how rotations and bullpens are set up.

With all the talk about going to a 6 man rotation with the 162 set, makes you wonder if it did happen (154 schedule) would they leave a 5 man rotation or drop it down to 4 and carry an extra guy in the pen etc.

It definitely would make the business that much more cut throat for pitchers.

Reducing the schedule for 154 games wouldn’t do much for the small markets, much less for TV rights and such.

I’ve sat in a bullpen during October and I for one can tell you - it’s not fun. October is not baseball weather, not at all. The players are cold, the fans are cold, the umpires get a real attitude when they’re cold, injuries are always a worrisome when it’s cold, and tempers can be on a short leash with its cold.

BUT - sponsorship, broadcast revenues, and that endless stream of sportswriters may have issues with chopping eight games off the experience.

The next thing that’ll be on the horizon will be one of these:
> every three innings, a pitching change
> a wider home plate
> move the pitcher’s mound closer to home plate
> move the pitcher’s mound further from home plate.
> take away third base
> make the baseball bigger
> put two batters in the mix, one on the right, one of the left.
> the first club to make a total of twelve outs, looses - regardless of the score
> reduce the age to sixteen for selling beer in the stadium
> sell bigger pretzels - with and without salt
> the loosing club has to give piggyback rides to the first 100 fans in the stadium
> hot dog day - BYO
> remove the plate umpire and replace with a philosophy major
> keep the sprinklers on

  • that actually happen to a club I was with. Kind-a fun really. Fans loved it.
    **>**schedule a fly over after the National Anthem by replacing jets with Canadian Geese
    • that ought interesting
      > reverse the bases. (not that anyone would notice)
      > and finally, fly a pirate’s flag at every MLB stadium … just to remind the dumb-do-da public they’re being boarded, again, and again, and again…
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Reversing the bases would actually be kinda cool. Right handed hitters and pitchers would have advantages for a change. Shortening the schedule would reduce workload by 2 starts per pitcher. Going to 4 man rotations would increase workloads–probably not going to happen.

You could potentially drop down to a 4 man rotation to get rid of the weaker back end rotation arms.

It would be interesting to see how guys would adjust to one in four instead of one in five days but with how deep bullpens are and with starters not going nearly as deep as even 10 years ago that might not make that big of an impact.

I can remember having this discussion I’m pretty sure on here years ago maybe in the old live chat room that was here.

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