Is My Pitching Speed Good for My Age?

I’m 14 and can consistently throw a 4-seam fastball 72-74 mph (I’m not beefing up this speed). However, I’m only 5’3" and haven’t really hit puberty yet. Once I hit puberty, should I begin to see a rise in my velocity? Is this a good speed for my age?


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Initially when I see a 14 year old that throws 72-74 it isn’t anything special, probably average for someone who pitches at that level. However the fact that you are 5’3, and haven’t worked out yet is interesting. I don’t doubt that you haven’t peaked in puberty like some freaks that age have, but you should know that probably until your early 20s you will naturally gain velocity due to natural stuff. If you’re 5’3 and haven’t hit puberty or worked out and is throwing mid 70s, I’d say you have some potential. You will naturally gain some velocity, and if you can bulk up, and grow some more, you could be in the upper tier of throwers your age

Good velocity. Keep it up.

70 is good for that age, so you’re a bit ahead of the average. Keep it up.


Cool, thanks. After my season ends, I do weightlifting throughout the summer and into fall. I also wrestle in the winter. Hopefully I grow more, my dad’s 6’2" but my mom’s pretty short. However, I wear men’s 10 1/2 sized shoes, which my parents point to as a sign that I’ll grow.