Is my new glove legal


I designed this glove, not knowing I was going to be receiving it as a gift. I think the glove is amazing, but not sure if I would get away with it on the mound.

The color is dark gray with black. The gray appears to be a faded blue. I understand the color gray is illegal while pitching but would I get away with it say 90% of the time. I’ve never seen anyone be called due to an illegal glove.

What’s your thoughts?


Side note. The color of the glove is almost identical to the color of one of our Jerseys. I personally don’t think the glove would serve as a distraction.


What company provided the custom glove? Personally I think that if it’s identical to your jerseys, then it shouldn’t be a problem. By the way @Kaner14, nice glove.


Thank you. 44 pro gloves is the company


You might get away with it most of the time.

But if I were in the box I’d throw a fit about it. I can’t give you a clear answer on the legality of it, but I’d try to get you to switch.


You should be fine. 95% of the time nobody will say anything. It’s a fairly dark gray I think you’ll be fine.


Gray is an illegal color for a pitcher’s glove. Most umpires I know will not say anything about it unless the opposing manager or hitters say anything about it first.
You should bring another glove with you, just in case.

A savvy coach will have the glove tossed being hopeful to mess with your head. Since you know it’s an illegal glove, having to pitch without it shouldn’t be a shock or mental distraction for you.

You must play a lot of infield when you are not pitching. I like the glove a lot, but it’s not colored or designed for pitching.


Thanks you all. I honestly only play infield for my summer ball team, but I don’t think the I webbing will make the ball visible enough to tip my pitch.

Regarding the color. It’s a very interesting color. The ball is very easy to see when compared to the color. Compared to my gray shoes, the colors are not even that similar.

I hope it will be okay for the majority of the time.


My son got one of the cross breed gloves from Louisville slugger in a light blue gray laces. Had to barrow a glove for 2 games because of ump deemed it illegal. Use it 90% of the time you’ll be good, just bring a spare…lol


The game within the game! I’ve done the same thing when I coached :slight_smile:


I have 2 gloves - one has a light gray palm, but I don’t pitch with it - 12 1/4" for playing outfield. My pitching glove (and infield) is a small (11") Akadema all black with maroon lacing. The smaller and lighter the better, in my opinion. I noticed you have an “H” web. I guess it’s a personal thing, but I like more of a solid web for my pitching glove. I don’t like the batter to see the position of the ball in the glove, or where my fingers are on the ball. I throw a knuckle curve which may be visible through an “H” web.
As far as your glove being gray - I’ve never seen a glove kicked out of a game, but I’ve never seen anyone with a white or light gray glove on a mound either. I can see an opposing coach calling it out. Good luck!


It’s actually a “I” webbing but i hold the ball in my palm so the webbing shouldn’t matter. The glove is dark gray, not light. In person it appears to be much darker. It’s not the typical pitching glove but I really do like it and will attempt to get the most out of it.

Thanks for all the feedback!