Is my arsenal ok?

Ok so im 13 and i throw a 4-seam fastball a circle change and a curve.
IS this arsenal ok.

I can throw my fastbal very effectively and my change is like a regular change but just has no movement.
And my curve has about 3-4 inches drop on it. how could i get more drop on my curve.
What is the avergage speed for a 13 year old.
And what should i be working on.

thats fine, I’m 18 and thats all I throw. I’m not sure if you throw a 2-seem fastball or not but you could always add that to get a little movement on your fastball and get a few more ground balls.

Good advice ZW. I wouldn’t worry a ton about the curveball at this point. Start working on a two seamer to your arm side, and using your four seamer to your glove side. Be able to throw your changeup in between the catchers knees or lower.

ok thank you.
Is there anything i should do with my arm while im throwing the 2-seam.
And how do i get more movement on the change?

I don’t know whether you throw sidearm or not, but if you do, you would have a deadly weapon with that two-seamer. A sidearm sinker is murder on the batters. As for the changeup—you know, you have a whole basketful of them to choose from. My pitching coach once told me that just about any pitch could be turned into a nice changeup, and he demonstrated a few such for me. You might try a knuckle-curve, for example, or a palm ball; you can get some great movement on either of those two. That’s just for openers. :slight_smile: :baseballpitcher:

In my opinion one of the best possible arsenals:

  • fastball (with movement)
  • change-up (so a circle-change is fine)
  • curve or a slider (whatever feels right)

Fastball as basic, change-up to screw up the timing and curve/slider as strike-out pitch…
It’s more about location anyway

Good advice, I threw the 4-seamer, 2-seamer, circle change and knuckle curve.

You really don’t have to change anything with your arm at first, when you get the feel for the 2-seam you can change finger pressure and maybe your wrist angle. But you should worry about that when you’re fine tuning the pitch, just throw it like you would a 4-seam and it will have a little extra movement. There are a lot of good posts about the 2-seam on this website, and I would imagine if you look in the articles section you’ll find some more information.

I can’t believe I spelled Seam “seem” in my last post. Talk about a greenhorn move.

That arsenal is just fine, while I don’t possess an arsenal like that I definitely think just that simple arsenal is the most effective there is, in fact although I’m not very good at it and I might be a bit of a hypocrite by saying it I think a good changeup setup properly is the best pitch in the game.

i have a GREAT slider but i threw it soo often that i got tendonitis in my elbow.
So throw the 2-seam just like a 4-seam.
ANd with the circlechange do i pronate or supinate or neither.
And how do i get more movement on my curve?

Hey, power pitcher, hold on a minute!
You said you got tendonitis in the elbow from throwing the slider so much and so often? What that tells me is you’ve been throwing it all wrong. It’s not the screwball, you know. If anything, the slider is, or should be, easier on your elbow and all that. When I learned the pitch, my coach, who was an active major league pitcher, told me to throw it like a curve BUT ROLL THE WRIST, DON’T SNAP IT. He showed me the off-center grip he used, demonstrated the wrist action, then handed me the ball and said “Go ahead, try it.” I got the hang of it in about ten minutes, worked on it over the winter—and although I had fallen in love with the pitch, I did not overuse it. Sure, it became my strikeout pitch—but I had a lot of other stuff with which to set it up.
About the circle change—last night I was watching “Diamond Demos” on the MLB Network, and there was a pitcher, I forget who it was, who was demonstrating that pitch. The trick is to throw it, as you would any changeup, with the same motion and the same arm speed as you would the fast ball, so whether you pronate or supinate or stick it in the microwave for five minutes doesn’t matter. It’s the fastball motion that counts. You don’t want to telegraph the pitch by slowing down your arm speed or doing anything else that would tell the batter what’s coming. Again from my own experience: in my playing days we often faced a team that had a starting pitcher with the most beautiful slow curve I had ever seen, but because he was telegraphing it—not only did he slow his arm speed but also he wiggled his elbow when he was going to throw it, and that’s a double no-no—we caught on to it, and again and again we knocked him out of the box in the third inning!
He also mentioned the “slip” pitch, and it seems to me that there are several different variations of it. The one I knew—and I learned it from that same active major-league pitcher—was indeed a simple pitch: a slider thrown with a knuckleball grip. And, as I did with just about everything I threw, I would crossfire that pitch (I was an incurable, exasperating natural sidearmer and I had picked up the crossfire early on), and what it used to do to the batters! :lol:

[quote=“Power Pitcher11”]i have a GREAT slider but i threw it soo often that i got tendonitis in my elbow.
So throw the 2-seam just like a 4-seam.
ANd with the circlechange do i pronate or supinate or neither.
And how do i get more movement on my curve?[/quote]

I think most people pronate a little bit on the change, most people pronate a little naturally on a fastball too if I’m not mistaken, but don’t push it to the point where it’s not natural.

If the slider hurts you then put it off until you can learn to throw it properly, you’re putting too much stress on your elbow apparently so you should probably just substitute with just a curve and leave it at that.






what pitches shouldi throw. i throw a fastball, and a twoseam to go along with a palmball. and i have an ok knuckle curve. im 13 by the way

Steven, I also throw a knuckle curve, no curve ball. Do you throw yours by turning it over or do you (like me) throw it with 2 fingers knuckled and with a fastball arm swing?