Is My Arm Action Too Long?


I noticed that my arm lags behind my lower body and front shoulder a little bit… Is this a problem and how can I fix it?

Side View:

Front View:


I don’t really see your arm lagging. Of course, when looking at timing issues, I like to see real-time video in addition to slo-mo video.

When you say your arm lags behind your lower body and your front shoulder, what specific checkpoints are you looking at?


I would say right here is when I get into a cocked position and it looks like my front side has already started rotating.


That is a good thing. Take a look at Degrom. Are looking for mechanical aspects to help you with command? You have good velocity right? You may be slightly late with your arm with relation to foot strike. Probably assists you with velocity.



I would argue that your front side might be a tiny bit early possibly caused by your glove arm flying open as in that picture. Try stabilizing the glove somewhere in front of your torso instead of letting it get outside your torso. That should allow you to keep your shoulders closed longer.


I am curious if you have found shortening your stride to have helped your command.


Believe it or not shortening my stride has actually helped with control but not neccessarily my command. I think in the 8 or 9 outings I’ve had since I changed my stride my walks are way down but I am being hit harder than I ever have before I think partially because my fastball just doesn’t have the same depth as it did with the longer stride. It’s really confusing and frustrating haha


The reason I ask is you seem very rotational. I think that is good for velocity but with your low and slightly early glove side combined with a pretty subtle and short front hip lead it is hard for me to see how you set direction.

When you say your fastball lacks depth do you mean the movement is reduced or not as late? Is your velocity down since shortening your stride? I am wondering if less upper body counter rotation combined with a stronger front hip lead might not allow you to improve command and maintain location. It might also make a higher glove more natural.

I like a lot of your delivery though.



Thanks Ted,
Actually I wouldn’t say my velo suffers with a shorter stride I actually topped out a new high for me (93 MPH) after I made the adjustment. Right now I am just trying to get a slider that can consistently fool hitters and having that pitch has always been hard for me because although I get a decent amount of movement with my slider and curve, the movement is too early and pretty easy for the hitter to pick up. Do you have any tips on how to reduce the counter rotation with my upper body?



I am not sure you should reduce your upper body counter rotation. I was kind of wondering out loud. It does appear to me that you wrap your arm slightly behind a line through your shoulders. I think if your take away was in line with you shoulders or slightly in front of that line your arm would be slightly more vertical at stride foot contact. I think it is easier to control location. I think it would also allow you to get more depth on your breaking pitches. I also think you should have a slightly higher glove and it should roll over more in front of your body and less to the side. But it is awfully hard to really know anything from a few videos. What does your pitching coach tell you?

When you said that your fastball lacked depth what did you mean?

Good luck,


My pitching coach has an old fashioned view on pitching to say the least. he says I should have almost no arm action which I am finding hard to do. Ive tried making changes to keep my shoulder more in line when i throw in order to get my arm more vertical at foot strike its just really hard to break the old way Ive been throwing. As far as depth I dont think i have too much of an issue with my fastball, as long as i keep it low in the zone it gets natural sink and induces a lot of ground balls. Is there anything I can think about specifically to load my arm better?


I am out til Monday. I’ll have more to say then. Hope you guys have a good weekend.



A short stride is not the best. You can’t get as much out of your legs because your not pushing off and generations good seperation, and you aren’t as close to the hitter anymore. If your getting hit, it’s a sign it isn’t working.


I was looking for a different topic and ran across your thread. I am no pitching expert on mechanics, ie breaking someone down is not my thing at all. So maybe if I point out a couple of things one of these guys can see if I’m full of it. But I felt inclined to comment because just something in your motion looked odd.

So here goes:

  1. To me, you land open, and therefore your shoulders open and in a sense your arm lags ( I like a 45 degree foot landing) I know I have an issue with things taught for just velocity so grain of salt here.
  2. Seems also like you land on what is a collapsing front leg, rather than firming up against it. That may throw your timing off as you are already starting your back bend due to collapsing.
  3. Last thing, I like everything up until break, closed, balanced, strong… I don’t know if it’s the added “Pat” by taking the ball out then back into the glove then break, but to me by the time your front leg lands you should have the ball up and ready to start forward, and you are still bring the ball around… Don’t get me wrong I hate the short and strong thing, but again I think just a timing thing. Maybe a stronger leg drive would put the timing back?
    So that last one isn’t really helpful, but I do think you are right in the fact you are late.

Hope someone can take that and make sense of it, But at least maybe someone can rule all those things out if I’m entirely off my rocker.

Good Luck.


No, that seems like it’s just the angle. You seem pretty closed.