Is it worth even getting clocked

I have a video of me pitching below from 60 feet 6 inches with no mound, I know the throw is off target, but it’s my hardest throw from that session. I’m wondering if my throwing velocity is worth even getting clocked, what the speed might be and if I should just not bother the guy who I asked would clock me. I’m 22 from canada

If you have an opportunity why not get clocked? You’ll have a baseline. Just curious to know why your video is titled “the pitch that ended me”?

My elbow made a popping noise when I threw it lol

Does it hurt now? Have you thrown since?

Ya I have but it’s kinda sore, going to take a week off

Looks to be around 72

I can piss faster than 72, I’m getting clocked friday I’ll let you know

I can’t help but be insulted by that response, you think i throw only 7 mph faster than that eephus pitch in that other video analysis.

I did a catch and throw testing for team canada’s world junior softball team back in 2014 I threw 65 mph as the ball dissapated over 160 feet to home plate. Baseballs decellarate at approx 2mph per 10 feet at 100 mph so lets say that the ball decerated at 1.666 mph per 10 feet approx (this is assuming this was close to a 90 mph throw at release point which is reasonable given the previously stated info) at 1.666 mph lost per 10 feet over 160 feet i lost 26.666666 mph + 65= 91.666666 mph. Now this throw was with a crow hop and a bit of a running start so its reasonable to think that i do not throw this fast pitching off a mound. Most people throw approx 4 mph slower on a mound then they do with a crow hop and such when they throw this speed (88.666 mph) and i didnt throw off a mound in that video before which most people add about 2 mph on a mound (86.666 mph) i think its reasonable to say i approx 86-87 mph in that video not 72.

At the risk of also offending you, that pitch is not in the 80’s. I placed your video into an app and linked the release point with a video of my son pitching in a bullpen session being clocked by a Rapsodo radar. He topped out at 81 in the session and the pitch I synced to yours was a warm up throw in the upper 70’s. His pitch was in the catchers glove several frames before your ball made contact with the shed. Unless you were much further than 60.5 feet from the shed I would say your throw was low 70’s…maybe 75 mph. Sorry.!

This is frame where you both release the ball:

This is frame when his pitch is in the mitt:

This is the frame when your ball hits the shed:

That is actually not the frame when the ball hits the shed though.

Based on stopwatch ya it’s around 72

Yes, it is. I played it back and forth in slomo, zoomed up. When the ball hits the shed it deflects down. It’s quite easy to see the change of direction in slomo. I actually backed it up to the frame before it deflected so I probably gave you an advantage there.

My foot is in the way of the ball in the previous frames though, the ball hit about 6 inches above the start of the tin roof. Also I’m starting to question if i threw from mlb distance because they do not even look close to the same

Have a look, your foot is well clear of the frame before the ball hits the shed.

Here is the full video on my son’s pitch if you want to compare yourself.

I shouldve measure it out but that looks a hell of a lot closer than what i threw

I varied the zoom on the two videos to get them to center in the frame similarly in order to sync your release points. Here is both side by side with no zoom on either.

You can clearly hear the ball hitting the tin roof as soon as the foot drops out of the frame the ball is at the lowest point in the roof, in other words you have the end point off

Look, I am just trying to help you answer your question and give you a point of comparison. You are clearly not wanting to hear what I have to say or willing to see the information provided. Best of luck to you.

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