Is It Too Late?

I’ll be honest. Pitching is fun. Winning is fun. And I want to play college ball.
But here is a problem.

Just turned 15.
(5’7 120lbs)
My 1st year of semi travel baseball.
I have no pitching coach, routine, etc.

If I start now… will I even have a chance?
If so where should I start.

A few questions…

Is this future pricy?
How should I tell my mom I want to become serious?
(No father figure, sadly)
Do I still have time, even if I have very low velocity?

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If there’s one thing across the board with all teenagers, it’s “I want it now,” Without exception, the immediate and the present, it’s the only thing in life that’s important.

At 15, it’s impossible to understand what is ahead of you, much less reason out the why–n-what-for, so don’t. Also, don’t let this condition keep you up nights - ain’t worth it.

Depending on where you live and how you live - financially, socially, and so forth, your wants and needs can be a rollercoaster of life itself. So, to answer your question directly - who knows?

On the other hand, others with next to nothing going for them, have found a way to grind out whatever it is that drives their passions, gets that fire in their belly going, and at the end of the day they’ve accomplished little by little where they’re heading. So, you’re question is a good one, and shared by millions of youngsters world wide - baseball and other things to boot.

But, git this:
1) Luck as a peculiar way of popping up at the most opportune time and literally dumping opportunities in your lap. The trick is to be aware of opportunity when it’s within your grasp.
2) Without exception, any opportunity, of any sort, is based on two things - being at the right place at the right time, and, who you know in addition to what you know. Conduct yourself as it reflects on your person, and don’t be shy about going after anything that’ll improve yourself - anything. A newspaper route, mowing lawns and stuff like that to make a buck, volunteer for things that help your community, know an elderly neighbor… ask if he or she needs their trash barrels put out on the day when the trash truck comes around, you know… stuff like that.
3) Finally, with respect to baseball, if you have the given talent to play this game and play well, you’ll couple that ability to reason out things yourself, get a feel for what works and what doesn’t. Don’t be shy about thinking things through, test the waters on what your doing, don’t depend on adults in the youth leagues to improve your game - their mostly babysitters with an ego to stroke. Be your own coach and study this game - a game that’s really simple once your take it apart and don’t complicate things.

Start your pitching experience by THROWING STRIKES. Put the responsibility of dealing with the ball on the batter’s shoulders, not yours. You’ve got six (6) other guys behind you to back you up - USE EM!

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It’s never too late. I pitched 1 inning in my entire HS career, then went to college, worked my ass off and walked on to the team. Being undersized (like myself) is a disadvantage but you can makeup for it by outworking everyone else. Let me know if I can help at all.