Is it still possible to throw 90 or more in the future?

Is it still possible to throw 90 or more miles an hour at age 24 or older by aquiring a copy of TUFFCUFF’s pitching manual then following the workout program outlined?

  1. I am constantly wondering if there is any age limited to hard a person can throw when he or she stops developing?

2)I remember when I was 18 or 19 years of age, I used to have the ability throw at 90 mph (90 miles per hour), but when I stopped playing for awhile and now I realized at the age of 24 that I am throw around mid 60’s to early 70’s mph. Therefore, I am wondering if it still possibly to throw at 90 or more later in life?

  1. How effective is your workout program regarding the TUFFCUFF pitching manual?

  2. Are these exercises within the TUFFCUFF pitching manual?

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  1. Does the TUFFCUFF pitching manual, includes multiple exercises for the legs?