Is it still possible for me to play college ball


My name is Isaac. I just turned 22 yrs old and have not played competitive baseball since i graduated high school. Growing up my dream was to play college ball but my senior year of football i tore my PCL and strained my MCL. After that i lost the love for the game but over the years i have missed it more and more. I was wondering if it was at all possible to make a come back and possibly play for a collegiate team. I am an Alumni of the Coast to Coast Athletics baseball program where i played in Puerto Rico the summer of 2005 so i had some skill before the injury. If it is possible for me to make a come back and play, what do i need to do. Im still in pretty good shape, im seriving in the USAR, and have some college under my belt. Any responses would be great. thanks

If you are near a good sized city, you will find MABL (Adult mens baseball), the make up of these leagues are generally college, ex-minor, big leaguers and folks who just love it too much to walk away. You can find out a wealth of things by participating. I don’t know about what your scholastic eligability problems may or may not be but within a league like that you can find those sorts of answers…or more importantly, where to get them officially.

Heres the web site for my area…

It would be very difficult but you could be a walk-on, a student that tried out, but most walk-ons at least played high school football.