Is it Still Good?

Ok, so today in my Legion game I was batting and took an absolutely pathetic reaching swing at a ball to protect. (Had 2 strikes) Now on this swing I hit the ball off the very top of my 1 month old Rawlings Plasma Gold, it indented one side of the cap in about 3cm, and stuck the opposite side out about 3cm, I used a baseball after the at bat to even out the cap. Is the bat still good? Does indenting the cap have any effect of the pop of the bat?

My friend totally obliterated the cap on top of his stealth out of his bat. After that happened (during the at-bat) he slapped one to center field,sailing over the outfielder. So no, I dont think is will pose a problem.

i’d call rawlings just to make sure.

I did the same thing to my Omaha and it seems to work fine, just hit a homer the other week with it…maybe ill dent the thing more often :stuck_out_tongue: