Is it safe?

is it safe for a 12 year old to be throwing sliders?

a slider is part of the fastball family. I don’t see why not. But someone correct me if I’m wrong

The slider is often considered that hardest on the arm because it combines supination with fastball forces. Most recommendations I’ve seen have been for kids to wait until late teens before throwing the slider.

I agree with Roger; much too young for a slider. At age 12, I would have him focus on command of his fastball and begin to develop and command an effective change-up. In my opinion, the change-up is the most under-rated and effective pitch in baseball.

The slider, when thrown correctly, is actually easier on the arm and shoulder than most other pitches, and a lot of pitchers who have been having trouble with the curve ball will find the slider easier to work with. But I agree that twelve is too young to be considering it; the kid should wait till he’s about sixteen, and then if he wants to learn the pitch he should learn it from someone with professional experience who throws a good one. Meanwhile, he should concentrate on the fast ball, assuming he has one, and learn a good changeup (my favorite is the palm ball, which I picked up at that age and which is easy to throw).
I hadn’t even thought about something like the slider as a kid, and then when I turned sixteen—and had been playing for a couple of years and winning games with the stuff I had—I suddenly realized that I could use another pitch. I ended up learning the slider from an active major-league pitcher who threw a very good one—and it became my strikeout pitch. :slight_smile: 8)