is it possible?

im 16, 5 ft 10, about 180 pounds… i hurt my arm bad enough to the point i need to get arthoscopic surgery this friday ( 2 days). Now here’s the question… when i was 100% with no pain, as sophmore i was thhrowing between 82-85 mph. this is the first offseason that i spent 4 days out of the week doing all ab work and all leg work at my school weight rrom… ive been working out like that for about 2 months…hah NOW heres the question… do you guys think i will be throwing harder when im 100 % better in 4-6 weeks?

Im a college bound pitcher next year and earned a d1 scholarship to a top 25 program. I love your commitment to your body and the desire to get better. Last summer I was throwing as hard as 88 in the bullpen. But in the games I’m usually 83-88. My goal when I started weight training was to be consistent at 88. I think your goal should be to be consistent around 85. Also, do your rotator cuff exercises with tubing and dumbbells 3x a week. Focus on explosion in your workout As well

thanks man, once i found out i needed surgery, i went straight to the gym… i also do forearm exercises. the ones that are shown this video i do with 20 pound dumbells.

so with all the work ive been doing, u think that could be 1-2 extra mph?

Baseball is 90% mental so if you believe that you will be throwing harder it helps alot. Also forearm exercises won’t help your velocity but the lower body stuff will…what kind of stuff are you doing?

Many times, rehab after surgery can be a blessing in disguise. The rehab exercises that your Doc has you going through can be very beneficial to helping make sure your arm is as strong as possible in prep for a season. All of your work in the weight room is fantastic and I agree with previous posts that you need to focus on explosive movements in your workouts as well as your band and weight program.

However, all of the leg strength in the world will do you no good if there is a glaring flaw in your delivery that contributed to the need for this surgery. Velocity does come from leg strength, but it also comes from being smooth and loose as well as explosive out of your delivery. Make sure to go above and beyond in your rehab efforts, but also make sure you are taking time to clean up your delivery some too if there are problems.

If you have a video of yourself, post it and I’d be happy to analyze for you.

Thanks for your replys guys…

Husky - i seee what u mean by if u think that you can throw harder, you will… i dont really understand how if u think something, you can actually do it? idk if what i wrote makes sense, but… oh and im doing, leg press, leg curls, leg extensions, squats, and some lower back stuff.

Southpaw - haha, yea i know that your mechanics gotta be perfect. people say that my mechanics are clean and smooth, so thats good. the hitters say that the ball like “explodes” out of my hand because my delivery is like “smooth” and not “max effort”… weird thing is that i put 100% into every pitch haha. i dont really understand what they are talking about.