Is it possible to reaggravate a ucl strain?

First off, I’d like to say that I’m able to throw with 100% effort without pain of any sort.

Anyways, so I threw 3 days ago with intentions of pitching yesterday but it was raining pretty bad the whole day so I postponed until today. Well two days ago I had a reminding feeling of a few months rest from my ucl strain while I was recovering (I can’t really explain it but when, for example, I put my hands together like I’m praying and press on the palm of my throwing hand, I could feel something where my ucl is). It was random but it just reminded me. My ucl injury was back in July of 2011 and I rested for like 2 months, went back to throwing for a month then shut myself down because I couldn’t pitch back to back days without soreness near my ucl until Feb.

Well, I simulated 3 innings for the heck of it. No problems whatsoever, felt like I could keep going. I threw maybe like 40 pitches. I have good control so yea :3 but was on flat ground. So it has been like 3-4 hrs since then, now I feel where my ucl is because the tad soreness (I think?). I don’t feel it at all unless I do the praying thing. I used to do that a lot to see if my ucl felt better last year.

I’m just wondering, is that normal to feel ucl soreness?/reaggravate a ucl strain (Not to the point where I can’t pitch but like where I have to rest more often) I don’t throw sliders anymore which was why I hurt my ucl in the past. The pitches I threw were a combination of 4 seamers, 3 finger change ups, splitters, and 2 seamers. I’ve been avidly pitching the past 3 months.

I’m not interested in asking for a doctor’s opinion though because I don’t have any problems. Just curious. I’m able to pitch back to back days so healing is no problem either.

This is a great way to reinjure yourself. Just because you are asymptomatic doesn’t mean you aren’t hurt. The UCL has no pain receptors; you would be feeling pain in reciprocal areas if you had issues there.

The “praying” pose applies a similar force as a test that PTs and physios will do to diagnose a UCL sprain/tear - the elbow valgus stress test. A positive test indicates possible UCL damage. Have this test performed by a professional to see whether or not you need an MRI done to confirm.

You also don’t know this for sure. There is literally zero way to know that this is what hurt your UCL in the past.

Go see a doctor, or at least a physical therapist. This is not something you should be undertaking on your own.

Whew! I’m having a problem with my stupid computer; it keeps jumping around like a jackrabbit on steroids. But here we go.
Kyle, I’m with you all the way. There is absolutely no way to determine whether one pitch or another is the cause of this guy’s problem, and if he has any sense in his head he will go and see a doctor, preferably an orthopedic surgeon who has dealt with such injuries, and get an MRI if necessary to determine the cause. For all we know, he could have injured it just falling out of bed!
I was a pitcher, many moons ago, and my best pitch was a slider which I had nicknamed “Filthy McNasty” (after a character in an old W.C. Fields movie)—because that was exactly what it was, with a sharp late break that gave batters conniption fits. I learned that pitch from an active major-league hurler who had a very good one—Yankee pitcher Eddie Lopat; one day after a game I caught up to him and wanted to know could I ask him something. His reply was “Go ahead, I’m listening”, and when I said I just wanted to ask him something about the slider he drew me aside and showed me how to throw a good one. Being a sidearmer, I took to it like the proverbial duck to water, and I never had a sore arm or a sore shoulder or a sore anything else; it became my strikeout pitch.
I enjoy reading your posts; you obviously have a commonsensical approach to things, which really resonates with me. Keep up the good work! 8) :slight_smile:

I’m with you Kyle and Zita, sadly and unfortunatly Nova isn’t.

He comes on here every so often with these types of posts and in everyone he says he doesn’t want to see a Doc.

Give your head a shake son, a Doc is your best option I don’t know how many times you’re going to have to read it until it sinks in!

If you think you know better then a Doc then you clearly know better then a nameless and faceless message board!

Good luck with your elbow problems.

Here’s an interesting—and pertinent—note.
Some years ago Chevrolet introduced a car called the Nova. It wasn’t around very long, because it didn’t go over in Spain or the Latin American countries—in Spanish “no va” means “it doesn’t go”. It seems that this guy’s thinking is along the same lines—as opposed to a Yankee pitcher named Ivan Nova who does whatever it takes to win and takes care of any problems that arise. This Nova—the Yankee pitcher—I like very much. :slight_smile:

I’m mainly looking for someone who has went through a ucl strain. I’m not going to a doctor because I don’t believe I’m hurt. My arm feels pretty good today and I don’t feel what I described in my post. It was only a random feeling.

Also, I hurt my ucl throwing a slider, so yes I know that’s the reason for my ucl strain. I’m not wasting my time going to a doctor unless I’m sure I’m hurt. All I require is sharing something that randomly happened to me hoping that someone has went through the same thing. I’ve been throwing again for around 4 months, and a bit before May because of vacation. Obviously if I was hurt, this would have happened much earlier.

Kyleb, about the stress test, I may have little to no damage in my ucl but if I do, I believe it should be cleared by the time I start resting my arm between October- Jan/Feb.

Have I been wrong? And I’ve only said that like twice. Once when I did long toss for the first time in awhile which I stated was in a completely different area than what I’m talking about on here and on this very thread.

The fact of the matter is you have absolutely no idea if you’re hurt or not until you get some tests done. You can go off of what you think or feel, but obviously there’s a seed of doubt that you’re not fine and things don’t feel ok otherwise you wouldn’t be posting this question.

The possibilities of what could be going on are endless, you could have a minor tear, some tendonitis that is flaring up, who knows until you get it actually looked at by a qualified medical professional.

Asking what other people have gone through can give you a very very rough idea simply because every one is different and every injury is different.

You don’t want to waste your time that’s fine, in end you’re putting a greater risk on ending your career earlier then if you were doing due diligence and seeking out medical help.

You’d think after going through some elbow problems you’d be more inclined to go and see the Doc again.

In the end though, it’s your arm, it’s your career and your it’s choice.

Good luck

I rehabilitate and train guys with UCL strains and ruptures on a regular basis. I know what they go through and know what to look for.

You don’t have to listen to me. I don’t really care whether or not you get hurt. It’s your life, do what you want. I’m just giving you the benefit of the experience I’ve had with my athletes. If you don’t want to listen, that’s fine. I’m not going to argue with you.

Our former ace thought he could throw for days, just pitched and pitched. At one point he thought he was just sore but he went to a doctor and had a UCL tear and now is recovering from Tommy John. Don’t let it get to far before you do something. Go to a doctor and get a MRI to be sure.

Are you REALLY going to wait until you are? Why not look at it as preventative? Don’t wait until damage is done. You’re playing with fire, son.


So let’s see…do I go get checked out just to make sure I can keep throwing without issues now and down the road OR… do I keep throwing because I “think I’m not hurt”, then find out “for sure” that I AM HURT then spend the next 18-24 months trying to get back to where I was before “I thought” I wasn’t hurt…

Yea…that’s a real tough decision… :roll: