Is it possible to go from 65mph to 90s with workout and practice?


is it possible over time with work? could it be done with weightlifting?


any input?


How else would you get there; go to sleep throwing 65 and wake up throwing 90?


He is asking if it’s even possible. It may be possible. Give more details about yourself.


65 at what age? If 13, yes. If 18, doubt it.


Yes, I get it. But the real question is, how else would it happen???


I think so. I went from 76mph as 17yo High School Sr. to 81 as a 19 year old Freshman and then 88 mph by sophomore season. (and back then throwing 90 was a Wow type of thing)
But I had a body frame that could put on 25 lbs of muscle from 6’3" 165 to 6’3 190 over that 2 1/2 year period.
If you are maxed out in size, flexibility, and mechanics (and I can’t imagine you are at 65mph) then that big a gain is probably not possible, but if your still developing, sure why not.


Yes, every pitcher who throws 90 threw 65 at some point. Most were like 12 though:)


Gotta check out Driveline Baseball. I recommend it to everyone.